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DIY Recycled Frankenstein Treat Boxes

Hi there all..
Today I am sharing these SUPER FUN 
{“Recycled” Crystal Light containers 
TURNED Frankenstein treat boxes.} 

I have been saving my CL containers for several months now, knowing that I would eventually use them one day, so YAY! 
green felt, black felt, googly eyes, bolts, and a hot glue gun.
Below you will see a tutorial collage with step by step pictures. 
(top left to bottom right) its really pretty basic, mainly cutting and hot gluing. 
then fill them up with your favorite treats! 

 These containers were super easy and fun to make, not to mention in-expensive. They would be great for your child’s pre-school/school Halloween party, or for anyone that you would like to give to. 

Oh’ and your kids will love them, my kids sure love do!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Recycled Frankenstein Treat Boxes

  1. GREAT IDEA! I knew someone would come up for a use for them. Could incorporate them in a Christmas Theme as well. (I buy the GV punch.)
    Thanks so very much!

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