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10 Fabulous Frankenstein Treats

Hi guys, welcome! OK’ I just love Frankenstein treats, aren’t Mr. Frank treats so darn cute? because I think they are just to darn cute I put together a “sweet’ roundup of “10 Fabulous Frankenstein Treats.”
Any of these treats would be great at your next Halloween party, or at your child’s school Halloween party, or any fun Halloween festivity you are attending. As well as to make and hand out to your ghoulish neighbors.
10 fabulous frankenstein treat ideas
Franky cookies source here
Franky “sweet” apple source here
 Franky marshmallow pops source here
 Franky Rice Krispy Treats source here
 Franky Cupcakes source here
 Franky Rice Krispy Treats on a Stick source here
 Franky Cake source here
 Franky Oreo Pops source here
 Franky Pudding cups source here
 Franky Cupcake source here
Now who is extra excited for Halloween Parties?
hugs, jen

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6 thoughts on “10 Fabulous Frankenstein Treats

  1. These are all so cute and fun!! I love the apple with the chocolate chip hair. Thanks for putting all these Halloween lists together!

  2. I was talking to a friend of mine today and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her out with snack for a harvest party. She joyfully said yes and when I asked how many snacks would I need it was near 300!!! So I remembered this from earlier in the day and have returned to pin a few ideas for my bug harvest party feeding.

  3. Love all the ideas in one spot. I made the pudding cups last year and painted the faces on with melted chocolate on the inside of the cup. That way the ink doesn’t come off from the moisture. I will be making some of these new ideas this year.

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