Ice Cream Cone Birthday

For those of you who follow me on Instagram “craftomaniac” and I hashtagged #bellasicecreamparty too (if you want to check out pics. there.) So anyhoo, those who follow me on Instagram have seen all kinds of teaser pics. and things I have either bought or have made for Miss Bella Boo’s 7 year old Ice Cream Cone Birthday Party. 
Needless to say I was excited to say the least.
 I can now say I am re-leaved to say the least! HA- that its all over with and behind me. Yes’ parties are exhausting, especially if you do everything yourself.. no help or catering. (i about dropped dead at one point.. Ok’ not really but you know what i mean.)

 Ok’ So enough of all that… 

Without further a do let me get to getting! I am happy to share with you lots of pictures.
 I sure hope you are in for a sugar dose overload of 
Ice Cream Birthday Pics.

 I made yummy strawberry ice cream cone cake pops. 

I painted cute crates white and then painted the fronts with chalk board paint- One for ice cream cones and one for waffle cones. Love it! 

The Pennant I made using my doodle charms Cricut cartridge for the ice cream cones and all the fun pattern paper and canvas and burlap pennants are from Canvas Corp. 

The cute Ice Cream Cupcake Toppers are from my FAVORITE party shop Hey Yo Yo 

I made Ice Cream Cone Sugar Cookies. I will share the recipe soon, they are killer good. The Chevron bags and cup cake liners are from Hey Yo Yo.

{{Yummy fruity drink}}
One liter of 7-UP mixed with a half gallon of strawberry kiwi Crystal Light and a bag of mixed frozen fruit. I added some bakers twine and cut ice cream cones to plastic cups. The straws were bought from Hey Yo Yo. 

ice cream party favors- Scented ice cream cone bubbles, a sugar cone, a bag of ice cream topping treats, and an ice cream cone lip gloss. Both bubbles and lip gloss I got at a local store in my hometown Ace Hardware. 

The cute little wooden ice cream spoons were also purchased from Hey Yo Yo. 

I made the cute paper circle banner. I cut circles out from my Cricut and sewed them one by one with my sewing machine. Super easy.

THE PARTY WAS  A “SWEET” SUCCESS! Everyone enjoyed the ice cream bar and having the freedom to choose their favorite toppings. Bella was so in love with her party, and I am so in love with her. 

Thanks for stopping by, 
winks, jen


  1. It is all so bright, cheery, cute and girly. It looks great and once again I love Bella’s outfit. She is a cutie. Wish we could have joined you…wish someone would invent a teleporting machine. 😉

  2. This looks like SO much fun!! You have one lucky little girl! I love the ice cream cone cupcakes,

  3. OMG Jenn! You did an amazing job! Everything looks so good.

  4. Beautiful party! Clever use of ink stamps on your party display

  5. What a beautiful party Jenn! You really OUTDID yourself! All of the wonderful little details are just perfect…and the colours are fabulous! There are so many things about this party that I absolutely LOVE! GORGEOUS! Angie xo

  6. So cute Jen! Love all the details! I SO want to throw an ice cream party! One day… 🙂

  7. Are you kidding me with all of the CUTENESS! Jennie…you did an AMAZING job on Bella’s party! I love every single detail. Beautiful beautiful!!!


  8. wow stunning!!! you are a super mom! thank’s perfect… if you were closer i think i’ll hire you for my triplets birthday party ! say it again WOW

  9. SO cute and cheerful!! All the little details are incredible. I know what you mean about it being exhausting to do it all yourself. I’ve done a couple of big themed parties for my boys in the last year and it took a month to get all the projects done. So worth it in the end! This is fabulous FUN : )

  10. What a fun theme! And her outfit = adorable!

  11. This looks like so much fun and yummy! Great decorations!

  12. Another brilliant party plan! I love your photos! I can just breathe in the colors and feel nourished =0)

  13. This party is one of the reasons little girls say they don’t wanna grow up! TDC….. too darn cute!


  14. So cute!!!

  15. Jen! You did a fabulous job for Bella’s Birthday party! I think you are going to hired out to do parties! I want one! Nettie at Moore or Less Cooking.

  16. This is an adorable party. I’m pinning it for futures ideas for my girls. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. What a beautiful party! I got so many ideas! Thank you for sharing:)
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  18. Fun theme! Thanks for sharing all the details!

  19.' Anonymous says:

    Where did you buy your ice cream bowls?? So cute!

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