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DIY Summer time Sunburst Wreath using Plastic Utensils

Today I will be sharing with you all my…. 
This is no ordinary Sunburst Wreath. WHY? I totally used it with plastic utensils and paper plates. I thought of this idea just seeing all the leftover plastic utensils I had stashed in the pantry bread box. Plus with summer just around the corner, I thought how cute this would be for the front door. We spend so much time during the fun summers, having BBQ’S and Picnics at the park. I thought this wreath screamed summer time. I also made a paper plate garland and a paper plate flower.

HOW TOO: Start with your knives and three paper plates. Set your knives aside, and hot glue together your three paper plates. Flip your glued paper plates over and trace the plate onto felt. Cut out the felt and hot glue it to the top of the plates. Your knives will not glue to the plate, trust me I know I learned the hard way. With the felt it worked GREAT! Next start hot gluing down your knives in the pattern you have chosen. I got all my plastic knives at Walmart in the party section. Each package was .99 cents. After you have glued down all your knives hot glue down another paper plate on top of the felt. Do this in a color you choose. Color side up! Then take a smaller paper plate and glue that to the top center. Again colored side up. Flip the wreath over and hot glue down some ribbon. Then to give the back a finished clean look hot glue down another paper plate over the glued ribbon. Back side up. You are now ALL FINISHED. This wreath is pretty heavy once its all done, so wind shouldn’t be any problem. You can make this summer time sunburst wreath in just about any color you choose.

FOR the PAPER PLATE garland I used a kit I had to hammer the wholes I needed. I then used waxed polly cotton for the ribbon. I doubled knotted the ribbon and threaded the plates onto the ribbon. I again double knotted the ribbon after the plate was on. I did this each time getting the length and the right amount of plates I wanted.


PAPER PLATE FLOWER– One large paper plate, five small paper plates, and one opposite colored plate for the center. Hot glue all five plates around onto the large paper plate. Finish with the centered paper plate. Hot glue a wood dowel to the back, and add ribbon if you choose.

and here YOU HAVE IT-  MY SUMMER TIME SUNBURST WREATH AND PORCH! Thank you so much for stopping in friends. 
xo, jen
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11 thoughts on “DIY Summer time Sunburst Wreath using Plastic Utensils

  1. How clever are you! I love the wreath! So fun for summer. I would have never thought to use silverware! I also love the flower-how cute would this be for a shower, birthday or graduation decor. Darling for the 4th of july! You rock my friend!

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