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{{Larsen Disneyland Pictures}}

Disneyland was an absolute amazing trip beginning to end. I was so happily surprised to see how well the kids did too. It was wonderful having their grandparents with us. It sure helped out too for taking turns with the smaller kids for bigger kid/adult rides. We ate everything under the sun, walked until our entire bodies hurt from hips all the way down. 

My favorite rides were- Toy Story, Tower of Terror, the California Roller Coaster, Little Mermaid, Thunder Mountain, and Bugs life was just darling. 

Three fun filled days at the park making the best memories ever. Souvenirs and food were expensive but its vacation and it doesn’t happen often, so for us, it was just fine. The kids were spoiled with souvenirs fun Mickey ear hats, pins for lanyards, treats, blinkie light necklaces, and other fun stuff. Their grandparents helped out with lots of fun stuff for them. I will treasure our trip forever, and Kev and I, as well as the kids have loved talking about our trip, and will continually enjoy talking about it. 

One super funny thing I will share with you, aside from  my hubby tattooing his head with fake Disney character tattoos and people loving it…. was that when we went to ride “It’s A Small World” … you park your strollers in stroller parking and then get in line. Hubby went and parked the babies stroller and grabbed my purse and came in line. I said “Where is the baby?” he got that “Oh’ Crap” look on his face and ran back to the stroller. We all busted out laughing (baby was in close eye sight proximity) then I said out loud… “Hey babe next time leave my purse and grab the baby instead” A bunch of other people including us all laughed. We still laughed about that one for the next few days. GOOD, GREAT, AWESOME TIMES.

Here are a few favorite pictures and a link to more. p.s. I tried so hard to get the pictures in order on FB but it was not cooperating and I lost my patience, plus my bladder was sick of being patient too. Here you go.

We loved meeting Ariel it was awesome. Bella wished we could of met Belle, but we did see her on a float in the parade.

The Character Breakfast was a major highlight and awesome treat my inlaws did for all of us. Here is Dale tickling wuba

 Toon Town

 Get it Ryk Get it! P.S. notice his proud Innie in the back ground (left) SO CUTE.

Here we were waiting in line for Bugs Life. Preston played with his bubble gun and it sure entertained a lot of kids including wuba.


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16 thoughts on “{{Larsen Disneyland Pictures}}

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful, wonderful time. It IS the happiest place on earth, isn’t it? We don’t do DisneyLAND but we do DisneyWORLD and love it each and every time. My favorite is the Tower Of Terror for an adult ride. I never fail to be excited/thrilled to do it! xo Diana

  2. Oh, I’m glad you all had so much fun! I’ve loved reading your blog and seeing all the things you were doing/making to get ready for your trip. Disneyland is our favorite place ever! (Tower of Terror SCARES me to death though!) We’re moving to the east coast this summer and I’m sad we’ll be so far from Disneyland…Guess we’ll just have to try out Disney WORLD!

  3. We just got back from DL too and the best thing we did was tha ariels grotto breakfast. My girls got to meet ALL the princesses in under an hour.. Ariel, belle, snow white, Cinderella.. It was worth the money..and the food wasn’t bad! I also loved making personalized DIY disney outfits for them.. Walking around all matchy-matchy!

  4. I enjoyed reading your Disney vacation and the Kids obviously enjoyed Disney. Reading your post made me more excited to take my vacation in the Magical kingdom especially now that I won’t be bringing stroller along knowing about Disney Stroller Rental Thanks!

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