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DIY Disneyland Treat Containers & Vinyl Mickey Toes

I thought I was done bugging you all with Disneyland IDEAS, but if I have a cute D-land idea why the heck would I not share it with you lovelies…. 
SO here are two more. Plus I will add in pictures and links to the other ideas I have shared in the past few weeks.
We will be at Disneyland tomorrow, I probably won’t sleep tonight. 

I have saved a good number of Crystal Light Containers, knowing I could use them for stuff. I removed the CL labels and added cut Disney scrap paper to both front and back of the containers. I also added a cute picture of Minnie and two different ones of Mickey to the lids. I filled the containers with snacks for the kids for our road trip. When they are out of snacks, I will re-fill them with other snacks and each time they open them it will be a new snack surprise. Oh’ and Yes’ there are some healthy snacks too.

Then I painted mine and Bella’s toes white and added Red Vinyl Mickey Silhouettes. I used my Disney and Friends Cricut Cartridge for the Vinyl Mickey’s To see more about “Vinyl Toes” go here.

and here is my DIY- Mickey embellished Tote.

 and my DIY Mickey Mom heat transfer vinyl shirt here.

and my kids DIY Autograph books here.

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