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DIY – The Easiest Heart Topiarys

These heart topiary’s were so easy, like a 8  minute project. 

What you need:
Two kabob skewers
six foam flecked velvet hearts, pull off the ribbons
some craft grosgrain ribbon
two mugs
candy corn or other filler
and two paper towels or styrofoam if you have some, I didn’t so paper towels worked just fine.

First pierce each heart with the skewer pointed side up of course. Do that three times, add your ribbon of choice trim the ends of the ribbon. Place a wadded up paper towel in your mug or vase, poor candy corn or other filler over the paper towels stick the topiary’s into the vase. DONE! 

Super sweet and perfect for Valentines Decor. Thanks for stopping by COM today.
winks, jen

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7 thoughts on “DIY – The Easiest Heart Topiarys

  1. Oh those are so VERY VERY cute and would make GREAT Last minute gifts… I am Eye Balling those Candy Corns… I am ADDICTED to those things… And I mean ADDICTED!!! 🙂

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