Hoot Doesn’t love a thrift find?

When I get the chance and can go
( the only way “HELLO” antiques) 
I love to visit my local towns thrift store(s) and spend as long as I can looking at everything and even things with potential. I have been wanting an OWL FOR SOMETIME either to have out all the time or for Halloween…… 
and…..EEK-I scored. The gal at the store had the perfect one in their basement hidden behind a picture and under a table…. HE IS HUGE like a foot and half and was $ 10.00 bucks… now HOOT doesn’t love a great find and a great price? 

He wasn’t very purdy to begin with…… BUT’ that is what spray paint is for. I used Krylon glossy white and Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze. I think he is a behooty now.

 IT WAS MEANT TO BE … we were wearing the same colors… BAH’ i’m a HOOT!

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