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ReD wHITe & bLuE Home Decor

Here is the top of my piano. The Stars on a stick I made by cutting out stars using my cricut and then using glue dots to adhere the dowels. I cut two strips each from a flag bandana to tie around the dowels. The Flag blocks you see I bought pre-cut and painted them and added the vinyl. I made those last year I believe, or the year before.

Here is my Hutch. The Patriotic Coffee Filter Garland you can get a tutorial on the side of my blog. I made it last year. I also hung my mini pennant wreath in the center of the No.2 Picture knob Plaque. I also made the burlap and button frame last year as well.

I put the star boxes I just made a few days ago, on the table underneath my firecrackers. The Firecrackers I did not make, I bought them two years ago. What I made on the table is the star boxes and the USA Plaque.

WE ARE READY FOR FIREWORKS NOW. 😉 😉 Thanks for stopping in. 😉

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8 thoughts on “ReD wHITe & bLuE Home Decor

  1. I love it! I feel so behind, I guess I need to take down my easter decorations and get caught up. LOL… ok maybe not that bad.

    Have a great week.

  2. It never would have crossed my mind to decorate for the 4th of July…I love how you’ve decorated though and I think I could incorporate a lot of your ideas! (However, I couldn’t do the tulle…my son would have a field day!)

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