Easy Canvas Prints + Product Review = PURE LOVE!

I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU MY 20×16 Easy Canvas Print of me and my Boyfriend, Sweetheart, AKA Hublet Mr. “L” man.

Canvas Prints

I was contacted via email from Easy Canvas Prints, they asked if I would be interested in doing a product review. I  WAS SO TICKLED, as I have seen canvas’s blogged about on other blogs. TODAY MY EASY CANVAS PRINT arrived- NICELY PROFESSIONALLY BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED, I WAS SO IMPRESSED!!! When I opened it up the canvas itself was even wrapped up thoroughly in shrink wrap. I could still see me an my sweets through the shrink wrap and I GOT ALL CHOCKED UP. I seriously adore my boo so much. HE IS MY BEST FRIEND. I read somewhere once that its important to have a picture of you and your partner in your home, so that you and your children can admire it. This picture of me and my hublet is a fav. so I was tickled to have it blown up. Thank you so much EASY CANVAS PRINTS.

please make a mental note that if I look large or swollen cough cough… I am 34 weeks prego. winks.


I ENDED UP PUTTING IT IN MY ROOM MY “Shabby Love Nest Room” on a large ledge above our desk area. Jennie & Kevin for Eternity!



  1. That is a gorgeous photo of you two!

  2. Aww this is so precious! And I love what you said about having a picture of me and my honey in our house so my babies can admire it! I only have one baby right now but I still want to be able to be a good example of love for him! You two make a cute couple!

  3. It’s really beautiful…I can feel the love! 😀

  4. What a great picture of you two beautiful people! I just might have to do one of my hubby and I!

  5. It is just darling of both of you! What a special thing to have in your house!

  6. Seriously? You guys are the cutest couple ever. I love how you are kissing the canvas! I looked at their site, and the prices are great! They are now bookmarked.

  7. What a handsome couple! The pictures are great!


  8. So cute! I love how you’re making a little heart over it!

  9. Totally cute!!

  10. You look beautiful for 34 weeks pregnant! You look beautiful even if you aren’t 34 weeks pregnant! Hot guy! Adorable couple!!!

  11. I found some great goodies off your linky party a while back and posted some of my faves!

    I would love for you to stop by!



  12. What a great picture!! I’m a newish follower & love, love, LOVE all your wonderful ideas & projects! I’ve given you an award 🙂 Please swing by by blog to pick it up!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Heather @ Catfish Kisses

  13. Jen, love this post, such a great picture of you two. My daughter gave me one of these of our family for Christmas and it is gorgeous.

  14. I got one toooooo!!!! I’m in love with it girl! The best quaility and it’s a shooooow stopper!!!


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