PB Knockoff Number Canvas w/ a Colorful Whimsical Twist

So I gave my PB Knockoff Number Art a fun twist, and made it whimsical and colorful. Although I was in the bottom running (no big 😉 on the knockoff challenge with “CWTS” at Sew Dang Cute Crafts… I still like my colorful numbered canvas, and enjoyed being apart of the fun crafty challenge.

I think she will look great in my colorful craft room nook.I used a canvas I picked up at Walmart and took some house numbers I purchased at Home Depot and Roberts Crafts and spray painted them different colors. I then hot glued everything down on the canvas. I also added buttons, fabric rosettes, and a few plastic rosettes, as well as added small black foam letters. Lastly I painted the sides with black acrylic paint and added silver thumb tacks to each corner.
the top image is the PB knockoff  version, and the picture is from their site.



  1. I thought it was fabulous! Great job : ) It would definitely look awesome in your craft nook (which is adorable by the way)

  2. I love how your version has relief, and color! Great job! And the little 3 resting on the big 5 is a nice touch too.

  3. Okay! You need to open a store- I want to place an order!


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