PB Knockoff Number Canvas w/ a Colorful Whimsical Twist

So I gave my PB Knockoff Number Art a fun twist, and made it whimsical and colorful. Although I was in the bottom running (no big 😉 on the knockoff challenge with “CWTS” at Sew Dang Cute Crafts… I still like my colorful numbered canvas, and enjoyed being apart of the fun crafty challenge.

I think she will look great in my colorful craft room nook.I used a canvas I picked up at Walmart and took some house numbers I purchased at Home Depot and Roberts Crafts and spray painted them different colors. I then hot glued everything down on the canvas. I also added buttons, fabric rosettes, and a few plastic rosettes, as well as added small black foam letters. Lastly I painted the sides with black acrylic paint and added silver thumb tacks to each corner.
the top image is the PB knockoff  version, and the picture is from their site.