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DIY- WALL+Transformation = LOVE

HELLO THERE- I have worked on finishing up two walls in my home. I still have the other half of my HUGE wall to show you, but here is one I worked on for the last two days. You will definitely see it transform. WINKS!

“I KNOW” – I will hang my large Circle Candle Scroll I found at the Thrift Store for $5.00 dollars. I will add burlap to it because one of the candle holders is broken off. NO BIGGIE!
SIGHHH, still not thrilled. I will distress some clothespins with distress ink and clip pics. of family to it….
(Candle Scroll close up with distressed clothespins and pictures of family. ) I REALIZE not everyone will like what I LIKE! I personally liked the candle scroll better with the pics. and because the top right scroll is missing a candle holder, the pictures filled it in for me. I also realize many of you will think everything looks cluttered, but I think every space and wall should reflect what you LOVE! and I do love the wall. This is ME!

and now what else does the wall need…. HMMM- I GOT IT- A “SHELF” was born AKA added ;)….


The Large Key, and the I love you sign I got at a Store called “Krumpets” in S. Utah this year. The star blocks, the little pink heart, and the dark red “kiss me” wood heart, I too- got from Krumpets over the years. YES’ A FAV. STORE FOR SURE!

AND THAT IS HOW THIS WALL WAS TRANSFORMED into something I NOW LOVE TO STARE AT! thnx xoxo for stopping by. jen

 I am linking up with Tatertots and Jello for the Weekend Wrap Up Party HERE and Making Monday Marvelous at C.R.A.F.T. HERE.

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14 thoughts on “DIY- WALL+Transformation = LOVE

  1. i think it looks great and as long as you love it, that is what matters most. i like what you said about how it is your style and that is all that really matters!

    awesome job!

  2. I would never have thought of adding the pictures to the candle holder but it really makes a difference. And once you put in the shelf, it looked perfect. I love filling a shelf with little seasonal treasures also 🙂

  3. I really like it, super cute. Love the big key.
    Also Ross always has those like candle thingys or stuff like them for super cheap too! FYI incase anyone else was looking to buy those to make too. I always want to buy them, but my little apt has no more space to put them.

  4. Hi Jen,
    I especially like how you personalized your candle-holder…it looks great!
    Thanks for the stopping by my blog today, and I will definitely be linking up on Monday. Thanks for the invite!

  5. I would love to say this! My sister is super talented and I think all of her followers can agree! But even though she is a skilled photographer. I get to see her masterpieces in person!! And they are so stunning. I truly believe my sister will be famous for her talents one day!! And I will get to say “Hey that’s my sister!” Love you Jen your amazing!!!!

  6. I think it’s adorable and I don’t think you need to defend your taste. If someone doesn’t like it, oh well, they can move on to the next thing.
    Very cute.

  7. It’s a great idea, and I agree It’s your blog and your taste, and I don’t think you need to defend it! Everyone should realize that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round so that means everyone does everything differently or this place would be pretty darn borning!!! It’s YOUR blog, and others need to remember that!!! I enjoy it and I know others do too! 🙂

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