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DIY Spooky {DEAD} tree

HI GUYS! I wanted to share with you this Spooky dead tree I made last year~
I wanted a spooky dead tree, but didn’t want to buy one. So I ventured out to a huge tree in our backyard, and cut a large branch off. It had tiny small flimsy branches and leaf’s all over it, that I just cut and pulled off. I spray painted it with black spray paint (Glossy) thoroughly and let it dry. I had the jar already and I just filled it with candy corn and stuck the tree in.

Here it is bare… and needing some more spookaliciousness!

I found a bag of small skull heads and polka dot ribbon 50% off, at Michaels and WAM‘ that is when I new they were going on my Terrifying Dead tree. Cut ribbon to size and matched the ribbon up to the other pieces for even lengths.

I folded the ribbon in half and held it that way, and then added a dab of hot glue to the top of the skull head. I then turned the ribbon over in the designated folded spot, and held it to the hot glue with one side of my hand held scissors for a few seconds.


I chose spots I wanted to tie them off and hang them to. Some needed a little dab of hot glue to stay firmly in place.

i DIDN’T need all of the skull heads, so some of them fell from the DEAD tree, like apples falling from theirs 😉 HE, HE!

I tied a CUTE bow around the jar vase

playing in picasa~ WARM spooky lighting!

Old vintage faded blood red lighting~

THATS IT & Thanks for stopping by. 😉
I am linking up with the Fall Festival at the Blessed Nest HERE and Whatever Goes Wednesday at Someday Crafts HERE.
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12 thoughts on “DIY Spooky {DEAD} tree

  1. LOOK at this!

    how fun. so darn clever too. love love love the candy corn for a touch of whimsy to it as well.

    thanks again for linking up with the FALL FESTIVAL. love that you came back for week 2!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I am working on one today! I’ve been on a hunt for a great tree! I found one at my neighbors hosue. Long story, but a funny one!

    Have a great week!
    Love, Brenda

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