{Candy} corn burlap frame


I whipped this baby up in 20 -30  mins. The frame is from Walmart. I removed the glass and saved it in a closet. I cut burlap to size, and with a wet rub on glue, I glued and smoothed down the burlap. Mod Podge would work too, just let dry.  Next, I laid out my candy corn on the burlap, just how I wanted it. Then one by one glued them on. Lastly I tied a bow and hot glued that in the corner with a pumpkin candy corn.
Now I will admit- I am not thrilled with the Y it’s a little kooky… being so tall, it should be smaller…. I had all caps laid out, but already GLUED down the Y first. Then realized there wasn’t space for all caps  so the others were lower case letters…. If I tried taking the Y off to start over, it left behind candy corn residue, and I didn’t want to start over with  new burlap, to lazy. 😉 ANYHOO, here you go- hope you like. I still do- I think its “SWEET”


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  1. Super cute idea thanks for sharing!

  2. so flippin’ cute!! Attaching the candy corn to the burlap is the only way to keep me from eating it!!

    You have THE best ideas!

  3. I think the larger “Y” makes it look funky and fun. I wouldn’t change it at all. La

  4. Very cute idea, thanks for sharing! I think the Y being larger adds a little creepiness to it. If that is a word!


  5. great use for all my leftover corn from last year.

  6. SUPER cute project…however, I LOVE Candy Corn..like go through a few bags myself through the month of October…I couldn’t BEAR to glue them to something lol

  7. I love it!

  8. Super cute!

  9. This is adorable!! I love it and I LOVE Candy corn! Great combo!!

  10. very sweet idea!! 🙂 I like that the y is kooky! Its adds to the Halloween theme. 🙂 Although im like you.. had I made it myself… I prolly wouldnt be happy with it either! hehe. Thanks for the idea its super cute!

  11. CUTE! It IS sweet! 🙂

  12. I like the idea of the Y looking Kooky.. after all, Halloween is all about kooky and creepy right? I think its great.

  13. I love this idea! It looks fantastic. Nice work!


  14. Supercute!! If I made that, I know Evan would try to eat the candy corn..lol!! Do you have to keep an eye on your lil man from eating it?

  15. THIS is super duper cute!!!

  16. That really is a cute idea!

  17. Love your ideas! I’m new to your blog and stopping in via “Making the World Cuter”, but I’m positive I’ll be by daily!

  18. My daughter would flip over this frame! She loves everything candy corny!


  19. It is so cute! I love it! I also love the frames from WalMart too, you can’t beat the price!

  20. Thanks for visiting my site, Jen. I am honored that you would ask me to link up my wreath because I just love your ideas and site! I will link it up now.


  21. CUTE! And clever, good for you!!

  22. I think it is adorable! My immediate reaction a smile, I didn’t notice they Y at all!

  23. Shut the front door! I totally love that. Although my 4 year old would most certainly eat them glue and all. That is so adorable. You are on a Halloween kick girlfriend!

    P.S. Did you know you have word verification on?

  24. Cute and YummY! I think the “Y” is cute as is! 🙂

  25. Very adorable my friend!!! Love it! I shared it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you 🙂



  27. This is as cute as can be. I love the bow in the corner – the perfect detail.

  28. No one in my family likes these candies but every year we end up with them in our house. I hate to just throw them out. THis is the perfect idea for them! THanks
    Found you at all things related

  29. too cute! i know my youngest would be eating the candy corn off of it, glue and all, lol!

  30. I think it’s adorable! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your project with us at Anything Related!

  31. I think this is adorable! You could also use this as a great kids activity. In fact, I think I will! 🙂

  32. This is so cute but I guarantee my twins would try to eat the candy off it! LOL

  33. That is super cute and looks yummy. Great job and way creative.

  34. That is super cute and looks yummy. Great job and way creative.

  35. So cute! I like the Y the way it is, it adds to the fun!

    Do you mind if I feature this on an upcoming Links I Like post?

  36. Loving your creations!!
    New follower from FF

  37. Love a thrifty craft =)

  38. hey there, I just wanted to stop in and let you know that i featured this on my blog.

    come on by and grab a button to brag about it!


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