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Laundry room signs

Hello there~ Here are my Wash, Dry, and Fold signs I made. LET me take you on a TUTORIAL!

These plaques were purchased at the DOLLAR STORE! I pulled off the white ribbon. With the damask ribbon and the three plaques this CRAFT cost me $5.48.

I started this project by painting the plaques “Vintage White” you can paint them any color you want. After they were painted and let to dry. I cut out letters from my cricut for a stencil. I used the platinum schoolbook cartridge regular font. Then I stenciled the letters down the center of the boards. TIP: use a flat bristle brush, it works best, and keep a papertowl near you to dab off to much paint.

then with a glaze~ little bit of water black paint, some brown, and white I went around the border of the entire plaques. I didn’t fully paint the borders in, so parts of the vintage white are still showing.

then with a dry brush and very settle paint on it, I went around the edges lightly brushing on some paint for more of a rustic look.

I used my super then cricut spatula to scrape off some of the black paint off the letter’s. (you can use a steak knife or something sharp.) I did this again for more of a worn beat up look. I don’t want it to look perfect. 😉

Then I took them out in my backyard and used that spray you see to give them all a nice glossy shine.

do you see the glossiness?

I found this DAMASK (i heart anything damask) ribbon at Walmart for I believe, $2.48! I had to have it though. I cut three lengths of ribbon to the exact same length and size. Then tied bows.

then I  hot glued the ribbon to the back of the wood plaques.

HERE THEY ARE AGAIN~ all hung… PRETTY little maids in a row!

They WERE hung in my LAUNDRY ROOM… he, was that a NO BRAINER? HA!

I love them under my LAUNDRY sign. In case you are wondering, I did not make that LAUNDRY sign, I bought that sign some time ago. 😉  WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY LAUNDRY ROOM CLICK HERE!


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51 thoughts on “Laundry room signs

  1. Absolutely adore these! I love anything how vintage you made them look, and I agree.. love them under your laundry sign! Perfect. Its so great when you can make gorgeous things from $store supplies! I ♥ the dollar store.. and I too ♥demask!! Great share! 🙂 I just recently bought one of those plaques from the dollar tree and planned on using it to make myself a hair clip holder. But I just may have to go back and get some more to do this project! 🙂

  2. I’m in LOVE with those!!! I just might copy them! 🙂 I love everything you do, so I just passed on the blog with substance award to you! Congrats!
    Maria 🙂

  3. This is great! You should head over to my blog and link up. I would love to show this off. I would love to do something like this in my laundry room (but I need one first). Mycraftielife.blogspot.com

  4. Jen, I seriously *love* your style!! O my dear, I absolutely adore these!! I love how you painted them, and I can’t believe you scored these at the Dollar Store!! Holy moly!! You just make me smile! Have a great weekend, my friend!


  5. I love those…may have to find a spot in my laundry room to put those…maybe give a hint to a certain someone in the house about what you do with the dirty clothes that pile up…just sayin’:)

  6. These are adorable!!! I have three cabinet doors above my washer and dry that these would look amazing on…hmmm…thank you for the inspiration! They are very cute!


  7. These are simply fabulous!! I love the demask ribbon touch! I am happy to be your newest follower. Be sure to check me out at FFD…I love new friends!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  8. I love all this! My laundry room is so BLAH! I looked at the dollar tree and could not find these wooden boards, any idea who else would carry them??

  9. O my goodness! How adorable! And I have that same washer and dryer..hehehe! I think I might have to jump aboard your Craft-aholic-ness. If you could “major” in cafting i think that is what I would do! I love getting ideas and putting my own twist to them. when I try to copy exactly what one crafter does my “touches” seem to seep through inevitably! 😉 I will def keep track of this as I am always looking for new ideas..I tend to get “crafters block” a lot. As of late I have been focusing on my bows…they are truly one-of-a-kind and everyone keeps asking for them. So I am trying to share them with others as gifts to get my bow designs out there. thanks so much for sharing…I am super excited to have a fellow crafter to chat with and share ideas!

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