must be read in your best ROBOT voice~ HELLO. MY. NAME. IS. “R.O.B.O.T.” I. was. created. by. my. master. “PRESTON.” i. was. requested. by. my. master. to. be. spotlighted. how. do. I. LOOK?

so this summer I did a fun SUMMER KIDS SWAP WITH sweet bloggy friend Noelle at Lil bits and Pieces of me HERE. One of the fun things that came was this un-finished R.O.B.O.T. When my sis was over a few weeks ago, we crafted and the BUBS asked if he could craft too, OUT CAME R.O.B.O.T. thanks Noelle!

serious concentrating is involved… WHEN PAINTING SAID R.O.B.O.T!

BEST PART~ THE BUBS asked me while painting his R.O.B.O.T…. “Mom can you put this on your blog?” HA HA HA! I laughed, and said “SURE!” 😉

Thank. you. for. looking. at. me. I. AM. A. R.O.B.O.T!  you can stop talking in robot voice now!

thanks for stopping in! HUGS~