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Vinyl for your TOES!

i AM HERE to tell you all that Vinyl isn’t just for wood crafts or the walls. NOPE, YOU CAN put it on your toes too. Well, I did anyway! 😉

So I was staring at my hideous looking chipped toes today … and thinking PEDI… AND ballet flats are fab., but not in the hot summer sun and heat. TIME FOR A NEW PEDI. So i gave myself a pedi. While waiting for my toe nail polish to dry I checked my blogs and FB ha! … and while sitting at the desk i looked at my cricut… and BOOM it hit me…. I had to cut out some small vinyl prints from my cricut. I used the “Home Decor cartridge” once cut they went on my toes. I cut out cupcakes, lady bugs, birdies, and crowns. I liked the crowns best!!!

How cute are the little birdies?

You can use a sewing needle to pick out the itty bitty vinyl pieces. It works great.
I used my cricut spatula to pick up the little piece and place it on my toe carefully.

I sealed it with a good coat of top coat nail polish.

HOW FUN WOULD IT BE TO DO A PEDI. party if you have a cricut or know someone that does…. then you can cut out all kinds of fun designs for your friends have a bunch of nail polish and go to town…. HMMMM, I may have to do that!

NOW I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE HOLIDAYS…. and had i thought of this before the paint job, I would of chose red polish and did white vinyl stars on my toes. However, Orange toes with little spiders for Halloween, Red toes with bulbs for Christmas…. etc.

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39 thoughts on “Vinyl for your TOES!

  1. Love your blog! Love the idea. I did this last night with my home accents cartidge and ended up with a gorgeous green flower on my hot pink polish 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  2. You should cut out a bunch of different ones, and print the pictures you showed here and “hock” them from Salon to Salon in your town. People who’ve just had a Pedi or even the owners of the salons, would SCOOP these up! You have the machine, they don’t! Would you make a profit at 2.00 a set? For the big toes, and 5.00 a set for all ten toes? I don’t have a machine or know anything about the costs of vinyl, but just thinkin’ for you here!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog….LOVE IT! You are so fun and creative! I am loving your toes! Are you selling these? I would love to order a sheet or SEVERAL sets!

  4. You mean I have been paying big bucks to have designs done on my nails every two weeks and I can do this with all the colors of vinyl that I have at home! Well, “SHUT MY MOUTH.” I love this! What a great discover.

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