NEED SOMETHING to occupy your kids during the summer….. MINE have been driving me bananas. If I hear the words “I’M BORED” AGAIN… I am packing my bags and flying to the Caribbean ALONE! HA! yeah right, a mom can dream though.

so here IS AN IDEA for you from your’s truly~ 

BEFORE~ An old drawer “front piece” to an old butcher block we used a few years ago. Here is what I DID…..

I used a drill to drill off the handle then I sanded down the board and painted it with “Bleached Sand” acrylic paint.

I distressed the clothes pins. You can paint them with acrylic paint or spray paint if you choose.

I used the same distress ink pad to distress the edges of the board. I then wiped off the ink with a dry paper towel. You can apply the ink as much as you would like.

then you will add your vinyl. If you don’t have a cricut to do the vinyl, No BIGGIE! You could use black stickers and then I would mod podge them on and let dry. After the vinyl or stickers, figure out your even placing of the clothes pins and hot glue them down.

all clothes pins glued down!

Then add your fun things for the kids to do. Here I am showing you some of the things I listed.

got to keep them thinking and brushed up on their math….. 😉

there is one problemo… I am going to have to be creative to come up with stuff for them to do…. that they won’t find “BORING” 😉

I hung it at a low level in the laundry room behind the garage door, its there to HOPEFULLY keep them BUSY!

thanks for stopping in… HAPPY CRAFTING!