How to make a flower bow barrette

My daughters bow barrette I made to go with her Easter dress. Here I WILL SHOW how this easy project was done.

These are the supplies you will need, along with a hot glue gun. SO SO EASY! FIRST~ take your ribbon, and measure out the length of the bow you want. Simply take one side and fold it over, letting the end of the ribbon hang over and down. Do the same on the other side of the ribbon, overlamping.

once the bow formation is made, you will use a safety pin and pin it. This is the back you see.

then still on the back or underneath of the bow, you will add hot glue to the barrette and place it over the safety pin. Hold for a few second firmly. Remember your dealing with hot glue, so be careful.

Lastly pull your gerber daisy off the stem, snip any left over piece of the stem that is still on the flower. Then just add hot glue and place it on the front, in the center of your bow.

and now you can see my daughters bow barrette with her dress for EASTER!

Her dress up close. To tie  more green into her dress and to match the bow barrette, I just cut same sized ribbon and pined it with safety pins up under the sewed on flower bow.