Baby Shower Favors~ from recycled baby food jars

ITS wonderful having a sister… especially when her baby is 5 months younger then yours… WHY? she saves the baby food jars for you… so you can use them as a baby shower favor.

She then brings them over and scrubs the jars inside and out. Rubbing her knuckles raw getting off all the stickies on the outside from the labels. She does this because she loves her big sister…. ME! love you Crystal so much. So my sis and I worked on these recycled baby food jars… a few weeks ago. I cut out a bunch of circles from the Platinum School book cartridge for my cricut, as well as flowers from the Accent Essentials cartridge. Then I got glueing, placing them on the lids, and filling them! SUPER EASY baby shower favor’s… and I personally think DARLING TOO! I mean how cute is it to recycle baby food jars???? for a baby shower! I THINK WAY CUTE!!! OK’ i really am not trying to brag or give myself credit.. just excited! The sis and I both agreed to show the “GERBER” name because its, after all…. A BABY FOOD JAR! I AM VERY EXCITED TO THROW MY FIRST BABY SHOWER APRIL 17th!

HERE are the tops!

pink flower paper on green and white gingham!

pink cut flowers on pink and white gingham!

the yummy fillers… peanut m&ms! I have 10 more jars to fill…. I ran out of m&m’s

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