Christmas Home Tour for 2018

Hello friends, today I am sharing not a bunch of pictures (see my instagram for that wink), but I am sharing a full Christmas Home Tour for 2018 “video.” A video is so fun, because it feels more like real life, and as if your are there walking around with me. Plus I love to […]

Simple D.I.Y. Furnace Repair Tips For Homeowners

Today on the blog it is all about “Simple D.I.Y. Furnace Repair Tips For Homeowners.” Image Source Here A furnace is at the heart of every HVAC system of most homes, and that’s why learning about it is a crucial thing. Many people rely completely on an HVAC contractor in order to deal with their […]

Decor Items that May Violate the Typical Rental Agreement

Today on the blog it is all about “Decor Items that May Violate the Typical Rental Agreement.”   When you rent the space you live in, it can be a very constricting experience. Not only do you have to worry about the usual problems that every homeowner does, including maintenance issues, pests, and keeping off […]

Christmas Cricut Maker Decor Ideas

Hello friends, I have had some serious fun playing with my Cricut Maker the last few days, and today I am bringing Ya’ll “Christmas Cricut Maker Decor Ideas”. If you visit Cricut Design space you will be shocked at just how much is there to create anything from signs, banners, garlands, tags, ornaments, cute 3d […]

Holiday Spill and Odor Clean Up Tips and Tricks

Hey friends, well it will be here in just a few days, you know…. “Thanksgiving” and soon Christmas and then before you know it, that oh’ so sparkly fun New Years party too. Are you hosting any of these? are you helping host? are you thinking of hosting? I’m helping my folks at their place […]

It is Easy to Save Money on Your Hobbies

Image source found here We all have hobbies. They’re what keep us sane. Because if all we did was work, eat, and sleep, life would be pretty boring. And we’d all probably be so much more stressed out than we are already. Now that’s saying something! But hobbies aren’t only important to give us a […]