How to Choose Plumbing That Matches Your Home Theme and

  When it comes to installing plumbing fixtures, you can turn to your favorite local plumbing contractor. Phoenix has plenty of reliable options. However, before you get to that point, you have to perform the delicate task of choosing plumbing fixtures that match your home theme and decor. Here’s how you can go about it. […]

3 DIY Plumbing Decor Ideas

If you are thinking of adding some spice to your plumbing decor, there’s no need to go thumbing the phone book under the section for plumbing company LV. Below are some tips on how you can take charge and give yourself the plumbing decor you desire. How to Choose Plumbing Styles that Match Your Home […]

The DIY Necktie Glasses Case

Hello! This is Ali from Cut, Cut, Craft! ( It’s late June, and if you’re like me that means you’re already thinking about what sorts of things you can make for the 4th of July. But before we start lighting the fireworks, maybe there’s something we can do to make sure our view is as […]

Easy Press Review and Avengers Iron on Tee

Hi friends, I am so excited to talk about my cute, (that is right its not only functional it is cute) EasyPress machine. I have to tell you all something….. the last time I pulled out an actual iron to do an iron on project, it was over “3” years ago. I never liked doing […]

Cricut Wisteria Bundle Deal with DIY Kitchen Project

Hi friends I am so excited to share this gorgeous “Patone Color of The Year” “Ultra Violet” Wisteria Cricut Air2 Bundle. This gorgeous machine with some awesome tools and other creative materials is exclusive to right now. I could not think of a better bundle deal then this one to give to your mom or […]

DIY Plumbing-How To!

  I bet you guys didn’t know that today is “National Hug a Plumber Day”. You know our pretty bathrooms and, sinks, and faucets, and farmhouse sinks and all that stuff that make our bathroom or kitchens extra special, aren’t anything if we don’t have proper plumbing. When we bought our 42 year old fixer […]