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5 top tips for reducing waste in your kitchen

There are lots of good reasons to reduce the amount of waste that you generate in the kitchen. These include helping the environment and saving yourself some money. Of course, it’s almost impossible to live an entirely zero-waste lifestyle, but the following advice should help you to bring
down the amount of garbage you generate to a minimum.

  1. Audit yourself
    The first step to take is to assess where most of your kitchen waste is currently coming from. This will then help you to figure out the best way to reduce the amount of garbage you’re generating.
    For example, do you find yourself frequently throwing away food that has gone moldy? Or is it mostly plastic packaging that’s filling up your bins? Examine what you chuck out over the course of a week to get an accurate picture of your waste situation and how to tackle it.
  2. Use your own bags when buying groceries
    One of the simplest actions you can take to cut the amount of plastic waste you generate in the kitchen is to use your own reusable bags when you go grocery shopping. Sturdy tote bags will last a long time, and you can also get washable mesh bags specially designed for loose fruit and
    vegetables. Try to always keep one or two in your car or handbag so that you’re never caught short, and soon you should be able to eliminate plastic bag waste from your kitchen.
  3. Get a sink garbage disposal
    Food waste is perhaps the most unpleasant type of kitchen garbage to have to deal with. It can quickly create unpleasant odors and often attracts flies, ants, and other unwanted creepy crawlies into your home. One convenient way to get rid of food waste is with a sink garbage disposal. These grind up food scraps and allow you to dispose of them via your sink. Have a browse online to learn more about the different types available to find the most appropriate option for your kitchen.
  4. Make thoughtful purchases
    Being more conscientious about the products you buy is another effective way to generate less waste in the kitchen. For example, bulk-buying items that you use frequently can mean that you have less packaging to throw away. You can also make a choice to buy foods that come with less packaging to begin with. In addition, planning your meals in advance and sticking to a strict shopping list at the grocery store can result in less wasted food because you’re only buying what you know you’ll eat.
  5. Recycle, recycle, recycle
    Another fantastic way to reduce the amount of waste you generate is to recycle packaging wherever possible instead of just putting it in the bin. Most places have facilities to recycle cardboard and glass as well as tin cans, but plastic can be a bit trickier – so when buying products,
    try to choose those packaged in materials that you are able to recycle in your area. You can also reuse items yourself at home, for example, by washing out glass jars and using them for storage. If you have a garden, you could even build a compost bin for your food scraps.

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