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Get a Hobby and Take the Stress Out of Life

Stress comes in a lot of forms. You might be feeling nervous or feel your heart race and think you need to go to the doctor. The doctor might suggest a test on the EKG machine, but it might just be plain stress.

Learning a new skill, doing something outdoors, reading, or doing something musical or creative are all fantastic ways to spend your free time and decompress from your regular routine.

Spending time doing something you like may help your mental health and well-being. According to research, persons who have hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, poor mood, and depression.

Activities that get you out of the house might make you happier and calmer. Team sports and other group activities may help you develop your communication skills and connections with others.

Your passions might be artistic, athletic, intellectual, or something entirely unique to you. You might select a pastime that you can do alone or with others. Whatever your interests are, there is certain to be a pastime for you out there. What counts is that you find it meaningful and entertaining.

Hobby # 1–Shopping 

Shopping is therapeutic. It can take your mind off of your problems and provide you with a way to cope with whatever stressor you are currently experiencing. What do you need, gardening tools? A new appliance? You don’t need to spend a lot. The fun is in the hunt for what you like.

Hobby # 2–Art

Art has long been used by therapists as a way of helping many of their patients to process traumatic events. It is soothing because it allows one to release pain safely and spurs creativity as a person transitions from being overcome with pain to manipulating it. Art is used by many people suffering horrific experiences. It is often lifesaving and helps to restore mental equilibrium.

But you don’t have to be going through a tragedy in order to benefit from the gift of art. It is helpful in releasing any kind of stress or even as a medium of focus.

Some highly successful persons in business, sports, or literature use art because it serves as a medium of inspiration, a point on which to summon the creative juices which can be sublimated or used in other positive ways. 

All you need are a few materials and a quiet place in which to work. Will you be painting? Are you opting more for a DIY project refurbishing old furniture? Art can be found in nearly everything we do.

Hobby # 3–Music

William Congreve opined that “music has charms to soothe the savage breast”. Indeed music does seem to have a near hypnotic effect on emotions and we can all point to a song that elicits memories from some of the most important times in our lives–our first crush, a break-up, our wedding, the death of a close friend, etc. Music is also a great idea for a hobby.

Our minds are wired early in life to use music as an instrument for expressing our deepest desires.

It is also a great outlet for our frustrations. Many great musical performers of the past and present have created their greatest works while using music as a vessel of expression for hurt, depression, or ecstasy.

Whether you decide to play the piano, become a singer, or fool around on a ukelele, will find that making good music is as fulfilling as anything you will do in life.

Hobby # 4–Gardening

Let’s face it. We all feel better out in the fresh air. There is nothing better than getting our vitamin D by letting the sun splash across our faces as we work with nature to produce life.

Gardening can de-stress your life and even help reduce the onset of depression. It helps lift your spirit by allowing you to focus on something you enjoy, instead of being bogged down with the gloomy problems of your day.

Hobby # 5–Exercise

This one is a favorite of people across the age and gender spectrum. It is indeed fun to get out and run, shoot hoops, or swat a tennis ball, but the effectiveness of this hobby goes beyond the sheer pleasure it provides.

According to the New York Times, one of the best ways to begin a hobby is by focusing on physical exertion and setting timeframe goals while attending relevant events. The NY Times also found that exercise results in better physical health, less stress, more friends, and better sleep habits.

Whatever hobby you choose, just know that a hobby can start out as something you do for fun but can end up becoming something much more.

It can provide many hours of pleasure and even a way for you to earn an income. Many successful people have made a living doing what used to just be a hobby. Just make sure you continue to enjoy it. When it stops being fun, then is it really a hobby?

Exercise not only helps relieve stress but also immensely contributes to your physical and psychological health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, being physically active promotes strong bones and muscles, manages weight, improves brain health, and reduces the risk of heart and other life-threatening diseases.

There are many ways to stay physically active. If you’re outdoorsy, you may want to go biking on the weekends. Are you interested in becoming a fitter rider? Install a crank-based power meter on your bike! It allows you to collect reliable data to track your performance—both strengths and weaknesses—on every ride.


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