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The ultimate indoor home maintenance checklist

Owning or renting a property is an investment that needs constant upkeep. You’ll save money in the long run by maintaining your house regularly. To keep a happy and stress-free home, you should check certain things monthly or annually.

Check all visible faucets & water pipes for leaks 

Several problems, such as cracks and corrosion in pipes, leaking boilers or radiators, and in the shower or bathtub, can create blockages that make the water go back up and put too much pressure on the pipes resulting in water leaks in your house. 

Seeing puddles around the pipes is a clear indicator, but you could also have leaks that aren’t immediately apparent but might be causing significant harm. Leaking pipes are something that is better discovered sooner than later.

Check all cords and plugs

Ensure that condition of all your cords and plugs is good. Damaged cables pose a risk of fire and are unsafe. Confirm that no exposed or twisted internal wires exist. Additionally, look for any indications of burning or overheating.

Check the batteries

Generally speaking, you won’t need to change your batteries frequently; in some instances, they can even last up to 8 years. However, not every device in your home falls into that category. For example, it’s recommended that you change the batteries in your smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and other vital devices once a year. Replace them when necessary, and appropriately get rid of the old ones.

Paint job

A crack in your paint job can be an indication of a more severe issue taking place inside your home. You should investigate the possibility that air or water leaks may cause larger cracks to form.

It might also be a simple reminder to repaint your walls. The majority of the time, damage to walls doesn’t manifest itself for a few years. However, you could have to deal with this chore yearly, depending on your lifestyle.

For the best results and to fully allow your walls to dry, we advise painting in the spring or summer. In Canada, that would be either June or July. You also might consider getting professional help to reduce work on you. For example, this company for interior painting in Calgary can assist you with small and large projects. 


Your home undoubtedly has filters all over it. Everything likely needs to be replaced, starting with the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. On average, filters in your air conditioners need to be changed every 90 days. Try to keep note of when you replace them because leaving them in your home for too long might lower the air quality. This is especially crucial if you have pets or are prone to allergies.

More frequent filter changes also assure reduced strain on your devices, which extends their durability.


This is one of the more dull yet significant chores on the list. Even if you are responsible and clean every day, it is a good idea to polish hardwood floors at least once a year. Pay close attention to busy locations like the stairwell and the entrance. Over time, dirt accumulates and damages the floor area.

The best time to complete this task is when the weather is nice, so you can simply let the chemicals from the polish or wax and their smell air out.


At least four times a year, thoroughly clean and rinse your drains. The accumulation of hair and filth, which will make the task more difficult to complete later, should be avoided. You can clean drains using various products, but if you’ve been doing this regularly, you generally won’t need to.

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