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Do-It-Yourself Pole-Barn Building Tips

Pole-barn buildings are fast, affordable, and easy to build. They provide a great shelter for equipment, house livestock, or they can be turned into a garage or workshop. Pole-barn buildings are economical and can even be a year-round home. The great thing about pole barns is that they are simple to build. They don’t require honed skills or specific tools, that’s why they’re great for a do-it-yourself project. So, we’re sharing do-it-yourself pole-barn building tips to ease your project.

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Start With Pole-Barn Planning

A successful project should always start with smart planning. First, think about what pole-barn style you would like to build. There are various styles, such as residential, agricultural, industrial, suburban, and many others. You can look at photo galleries of pole-barn buildings to find inspiration and find the right one for you.

You might also have to think about colors, roof pitches, and door and window styles that are consistent with nearby structures. Make sure to plan dimensions. You should consider access and capacity for people, equipment, animals, or inventory. Pole-barn buildings are easy to add on, so your needs might change in the future. So, it’s smart to allow additional space around your building.

Think about what type of pole barn insulation you will use. Insulation maintains a consistent temperature in the pole-barn building, which means lower energy costs, a healthier environment for people and animals, and prevents damage of the building and things inside. Carefully plan and decide which R-value best fits your needs.

Choose Long-Lasting Materials

You may think that purchasing less expensive materials is going to save you money. However, lower- quality materials can lead to frequent replacements, higher energy costs, and higher maintenance in the long run. It would be best to use high-quality materials that will last as long as the pole-barn building. Plan your budget accordingly to buy new windows, doors, steel panels, and insulation materials.

Installing Poles

For building a pole barn it’s great to use 8-foot pole spacing for enclosed walls. If you’re making a pole-barn building for animals or machines, you can use a 12-foot pole spacing. Pressure-treated timbers are great poles for smaller designs. It’s essential to use the right diameter poles for the heigh and spacing you’re planning.

You can always consult with your local building inspector if you’re not sure about which poles to use. Also, today, a toxic arsenic-based substance CCA used for wood preservatives is replaced by ACQ. So, if you care about the health and the environment, this is great news! ACQ is safer than CCA. However, it’s more corrosive to screws, nails, and support brackets. For minimum corrosion, use hot-dipped galvanized screws and nails when building your pole-barn building.

Plumbing Your Poles

The best and most easy way to install poles is to support them with temporary wood tripods with concrete and souls packed around them. This way is more convenient than having someone try to hold on to the poles while you try to move around them.

Pole-Barn Building Ventilation

It’s important to create a proper ventilation system. There’s no one-size-fits-all type of ventilation since it depends on how you plan to use your pole-barn building. For example, if you plan to use the building as a living space, you will need additional ventilation. Residential building codes have the amount of air turns that need to be in living spaces in order to have proper air quality.

If you’re planning to use the pole-barn building for animals, then you will need to install more ventilation for better air quality, since animals can produce a lot of sweat and waste which leads to higher levels of moisture and odor. You will need increased ventilation for storing chemicals like fertilizer, too. In the end, no matter how you plan to use your pole-barn building, the essential of proper ventilation needs to be applied.

Final Word

If you choose to do it yourself, remember that the right planning, good quality materials, and smart construction are essential for durable and long-lasting pole-barn building. Use these provided tips to make this pole-barn building project more convenient, low-maintenance, and enjoyable for years to come.

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