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Beat The Heat With Advice For Keeping Your Conservatory Cool

Relaxing in your conservatory during summer can be a treat, but as sweat starts trickling down your back, you may wonder how you can keep it cool and prevent it from turning into a greenhouse.

Below are some easy steps to improve the thermal efficiency to keep your conservatory cool in summer, even on the warmest days.

Ways to make your conservatory cooler

1) Add Cooling Film to Your Windows

The cooling film is a protective adhesive layer that can be stuck on glass panels to still let in natural light while absorbing harmful UV rays and dimming direct sunlight.

It is simple to install and a very affordable solution for a hot conservatory.

If the roof already has UV protection capabilities, then cooling film applied to the windows can help to bring the room to a comfortable temperature.

Just take note, often the film is reflective on the outside, and you will not be able to look into the conservatory due to the silver sheen, however, you will still be able to see out.

2) Replace glass roofs

If your conservatory comes with a glass roof, you may consider replacing it with a tiled roof or thermal efficient material.

Opaque roofs keep out heat in summer but insulate in winter to keep the conservatory cool and comfortable. See here for solutions to conservatory roof insulation to keep your conservatory cooler in summer.

You can also install roof vents in your conservatory roof to encourage air flowing through the conservatory, though you may want to get a contractor to help with this.

3) Fit solar control or thermal efficient glass

Solar control glass balances light transmission with thermal efficiency and helps to keep a room cool in summer but retain heat in winter.

This type of glass also reflects and absorbs some of the sun’s rays, reducing the glare throughout the day.

If you are unable to replace your conservatory roof, then glazed glass is a great option. It will still allow you to enjoy the sun’s heat during summer, without overheating or having the sun damage your furniture.

4) Increase ventilation

The easiest way to cool down a conservatory is to open the doors and windows and let the cool air come in from outside, especially in the mornings or afternoons.

If you are concerned about safety or privacy, then a roof vent is perfect to increase air circulation.

5) Install an air conditioning unit or a fan

An air conditioning system is the fastest way to keep your conservatory cool. Although air from outside may help to cool down the conservatory, an air conditioner is fail-safe and will cool down the room without the risk of inviting in bugs and other unwanted guests.

If you can’t afford to install air conditioning, a ceiling fan or standing fan is an easy way to promote fresh air circulation and help with a cooler conservatory.

6) Install blinds or curtains

Conservatory blinds and curtains have two purposes – they prevent light from entering and warming up the room, and they make the room look nice.

Window blinds can also be installed as roof blinds for a glass ceiling and will block out the summer heat.

There are many different styles and materials to choose from, but try to match the blinds or curtains to the other soft furnishings in the room to make the conservatory a welcoming space year-round.


Whether you are building a new conservatory or making changes to your existing conservatory, there are many options to help regulate temperature and prevent it from turning into a greenhouse.

Glass cooling film, air conditioning units, curtains, a new conservatory roof or a fan are all solutions to help keep the space cool.

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