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4 Damaging Effects Of Bugs That Call For A Mesh Door Screen In Your Home

Bugs can be dangerous in your home in many ways but to save your family, the best way is to install a mesh door screen at your doorway. This prevents any bugs from entering your home and puts your family’s lives at risk.

In fact, if you fail to control their numbers and lose the battle of fighting them, the bugs run rampant in your house and you are likely to face many losses. Here are 4 damaging effects of bugs that call for a mesh door screen in your home;

  1. Cause Diseases
    Many bugs like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and fleas are disease carriers that can be got by your family members. They carry diseases such as Lyme disease, malaria, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, dengue fever, and more. So bugs put all the lives of family members at risk of various diseases and need to be prevented from entering your home. It also puts you into unplanned expenditures on medical bills every time your family members get sick. The best decision is to install a mesh door screen at your doorway to prevent bugs from entering the house.
  2. Have Venom And Cause Allergies
    Bites from various bugs like the brown recluse and black widows spiders, bees, wasps, and hornets can be dangerous. They have venom which if not given quick medical attention can cause severe health problems and may also lead to death. The bites can be lethal and severe hence the need to keep them out of your home. On the other hand, some of the bugs carry allergens into your home that can cause allergic reactions in your family members. Their feces and shedding skin have allergens and affect your indoor air quality by
    contaminating it.
  3. Damage Your House
    Bugs are also known for causing structural damages in your home especially if you have wood that isn’t
    treated against insects. Termites are popular for destroying wood in search of cellulose which can be found in furniture. In fact, termites can destroy whatever they find around including your expensive furniture pieces so it is better not to give them an opportunity of entering inside your home. This is because they can lead you into unplanned expenditures on buying new furniture or repairing the destroyed one. They also affect the look of your home which calls for high expenditure on renovation.
  4. High Expenditures On Pesticides
    Having bugs in your home leads to high expenditures on pesticides to get rid of them. Pesticides tend to be costly and also need hiring a professional person with the right tools to carry out the fumigation process. This can be tough on your budget especially if it is tight and the fumigation has to be done regularly in a given time period. Moreover, the pesticides used in the fumigation process can be harmful to your family and environment because they contain harsh chemicals.

Protect Your Family
Keep your family safe from dangerous bugs by installing a mesh door screen on your doorway.

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