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Your Access to Clean Water: The Only Home Plumbing Maintenance Checklist You’ll Need

When a plumbing problem occurs, it can cause serious issues and catastrophic problems. With regular inspections for the key plumbing fixtures, it is possible to find and fix issues before they turn into an

With a plumbing inspection, done by the homeowner and professionals, it is possible to prevent some of the most common issues that may arise.

While home warranty plans can help ensure repairs are covered if they are needed, it is a good idea to check up on plumbing systems with regular maintenance and inspections. Some of the top maintenance tasks to conduct can be found here.

Bathroom Faucets
This includes the shower, tub, and sink faucets. Usually, these are going to require attention and maintenance from time to time. Be sure to check them regularly for signs of leaks. Replace any bad washers or cartridges to fix dripping issues.

The water supply lines that are found in the walls for shower drains and tub drains can cause problems too. There may be leaks that cause serious damage before anyone knows.

Usually, these issues are going to appear in the rooms below. If there is poor water pressure or an irregular spray pattern, the issue may be due to calcium buildup on the faucet aerator. It is possible to remove and clean these.

When doing laborious on-site work, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s no telling when trouble will strike, and regrets never come early.

Protect your hands from potential injury by wearing safe and trusty nitrile gloves. Since your hands do most of the work, don’t be complacent about the risks they’re constantly exposed to.

Additionally, wear complete personal protective equipment, including goggles, face shields, and clothing covering your arms and legs when handling home maintenance jobs where you can get injured. 

Bathroom Drains
The drains in the bathroom are prone to be affected and blocked by hair and soap clogs. Instead of waiting for these to turn into a full blockage, it is a good idea to take apart the drain traps and remove any debris inside.

It is also a good idea to snake out branch drains to effectively remove clogs before they turn into a complete blockage.

The toilet has several working parts. Each of these can wear down and cause issues. To check for problems, start by removing the tank lid and see what happens when it is flushed.

If the toilet keeps running, instead of shutting off at the completion of the flush cycle will waste quite a bit of water.

It is easier than most people realize to fix a toilet that is running. If the toilet seems to rock a bit when it is sat on or if there is water seeping around the base, then the issue is probably that the wax ring sealing the base of the toilet has worn out and it should be replaced.

Caulk Seals
While the caulk that is installed around showers and tubs is not part of the actual plumbing system, when it fails, it may cause water from the shower and bathtub to get under floors and behind the walls.

The damage that occurs may be serious. It is a good idea to check the caulking on walls and floors to ensure that everything is intact. Be sure to seal up any gaps that are found using fresh caulk. It is also a good idea to remove the old caulk every few years and apply a higher quality caulk in its place.

Kitchen Drains

The sink in the kitchen receives quite a bit of use. A sink strainer is a common place where leaks may occur. It is a good idea to watch the P-trap and strainer as the water in the sink drains away.

In some cases, the P-trap fittings will have to be tightened and the strainer basket needs to be replaced if it has started to leak or it becomes corroded.

If the sink is draining too slowly, there may be a clog in the P-trap or in the branch drain. It is possible to remove these fittings and clean them out.

It is a good idea to clean the sink drain from time to time with a homemade drain cleaner. This is going to help break up all the usual buildup present in the drain and ensure the water continues to flow.

Kitchen Faucets
If the faucet in the kitchen is leaking, it can waste hundreds of gallons, or more, of water every year. Be sure to watch the faucet carefully as it is turned off and on. If necessary, make or call for repairs.

Shutoff Valves
The fixture shutoff valve that is designed to control the supply of water to the kitchen faucet, refrigerator water lines, and dishwasher are only designed to shut off the flow when they have been closed.

Doing an inspection, make sure to close these valves tightly and ensure they operate as they should If they do not, then shut off the water and replace them.

Garbage Disposal
Problems with a garbage disposal are typically found in the drain connections where the dishwasher discharge is connected to the garbage disposal. The disposer discharge may also run into the sink drain.

Be sure to inspect the points and tighten the connections or replace the gaskets if they show any indication of leaking. If the garbage disposal smells bad, then it needs to be cleaned. Be sure to follow advice from the manufacturer to help with routine maintenance.

The Dishwasher
During an inspection, be sure to take several minutes to listen to and watch the dishwasher as it runs. If it fills too slowly, the problem may be with the shutoff valve or water supply hose. If it is slower to drain, then there may be clogs in the hose.

The Refrigerator
If a refrigerator has an ice maker or water dispenser, it needs to have the filter replaced on a regular basis. Usually, a manufacturer will recommend doing this two times per year.

Clogged filters may block the flow of water to the ice maker or dispenser. It is also a good idea to check the supply hoses for any signs of wear. When it comes to plumbing issues, there are more than a few things that may go wrong.

Be sure to keep the information here in mind. These tips are going to help ensure that no problems arise and that no other issues occur.

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