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The proper mold remediation Process

Water damage is the influx of dirty water in the home in large amounts. This can happen due to roof leaking, toilet or sink overflow or due to floods or any other sources.

When water damage happens i.e. the invasion of water it brings with it several losses. Destruction of properties, mold growth, chances of water-borne diseases due to contaminated water etc. Mold growth is a very common phenomenon due to water damage.

This happens because molds grow in a wet environment. Water is essential for them to multiply and spread. During a water damage, water seeps into the houses providing all the necessary conditions required for mold growth.

Mold removal warren is important since molds may cause various health problems and infections. Skin allergies, irritation in the eyes or throat, sneeze and cough are common problems due to mold growth.

This is why it is important to get rid of them. It is suggested that a professional, certified and legal water restoration company should be chosen for mold remediation and to reverse the water damage.

A good water restoration company makes sure to clean and sanitize everything properly and prevent any further mold growth in future.

There are several processes that a water restoration company follows to get rid of mold remediation which is not possible to perform on our own. This is why professional help should be sought.
The steps are as follows:

  1. Inspecting the Water source and mold damage
    The first important thing is to check for the source of the water. This is important because the source needs to be blocked and repaired to prevent further damage. Then the water is categorized according to its contamination. The whole house is then checked to know which parts and areas of the house are affected by mold damage. Different technologies are used to inspect mold since they are not visible in plain view. The extent of damage is determined so that the vital steps and procedures can be performed for its removal. More damage will require multiple steps and advanced methods.
  2. Mold obstruction

The fans and any heating or cooling systems are switched off while cleaning the mold. To prevent its growth a negative air chamber is used and to separate the affected areas physical obstructions are used. To avoid spreading mold, negative air pressure is used.

  1. Using air filtration
    A piece of special equipment for filtration is used so that the micro mold spores can be captured. Air scrubbers are used and special vacuums such as HEPA ( high-efficiency particulate air) are used to trap the mold and prevent it from spreading while the remediation.
  2. Getting rid of mold and disposing of the affected materials
    Different types of antifungal and antibacterial treatments are used. This is done to kill the existing mold and stop them from multiplying and forming colonies. This is important because if the mold elimination is not done properly, they may multiply and form colonies again. Some carpets or drywalls and other materials affected by mold growth are disposed of.
  3. Proper Cleaning of the items
    All the belongings of the house are thoroughly and properly cleaned. Furniture, curtains, decorative items and other things are properly cleaned and sanitized. To remove the foul smell, dehumidifiers and deodorizers are used.
  4. Restoring the home
    The damaged parts are repaired and everything is set to their place. Items that are damaged a lot are removed from the house. The carpets or drywalls are changed, the house is painted again if required and reconstruction of some areas as required is done. The time taken for mold remediation usually depends upon how much mold damage was done. It usually takes around 1-5 days for the mold removal process. Professional water restoration companies make this job effortless. The cost of reversing the water damage and mold remediation depends on the company’s performance and the extent of the damage.

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