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7 Different Camping Gear You Can DIY


Over the years, many individuals have expressed great interest in camping, and it is easy to see why. Camping is the best way to appreciate and enjoy nature first hand. Many campers also enjoy the thrill of surviving in the wild without relying on technology or the modern comforts of life.

While there may be tons of camping gear, such as the best hatchet and stovetops, that you can buy from local shops, there’s nothing like making your own. Here are some DIY camping gear projects that you can take on before your next outdoor adventure:
1. Fire Starter
One of the essential things every camper needs to know is learning how to start a fire. Instead of splurging money on ready-made fire starters, you can make one.

It is much safer and more reliable. Plus, they are super easy to make. All you need are toilet paper rolls and dryer lint. Once you know how to start your own fire, you never have to panic if your matches get submerged in water or your lighter suddenly malfunctions. It is a great survival skill to know.
2. Bucket Sink

If you love nature, you know that you play a significant role in ensuring our natural resources are used correctly. When you are out camping, you can ensure that you are not wasting too much water with a do-it-yourself bucket sink. You can even customize it for indoor or outdoor use.
3. Camping Stove
If you plan to have an extended camping trip, you know that a camping stove is a must because you will most surely cook outdoors or even brew your espresso.

Several stoves are now available in the market, including an all-in-one stove system, but nothing beats using an old-
school camping stove. Using a camping stove will allow you to cook your meals in no time.
4. Tin Can Grill
If a stove is too bulky for you, you can improvise a tin can grill instead. It is something that you can build within minutes. You have to prepare your can and aluminum foil.

Cut the tin can about 2-inch wide down the sides and bend the strips to form a basket-like container. Steady the can by filling the bottom with dirt.

Then, cover the soil with the aluminum foil. All you have to do now is to add the charcoal on the foil and add the grilling rack. They are perfect for grilling your favorite sausages.
5. Pill Bottle Survival Kit
When you are out camping, every seasoned camper will advise you always to have a survival kit handy. Ideally, it should be enough to fit in your pocket so that it will be easily accessible to you.

If you have a pill bottle, you can craft it to become your go-to when trouble meets you during your outdoor journey.

Some of the items you can pack in the pill bottle includes:
● Matches
● Aluminum foil
● Emergency light
● Safety pins
● Matches and strike strip
● Fabric bandages
● Antibiotic ointment.
Pack these items to fit in your pill bottle and keep them in your backpack.
6. Bottle Tiki Torch
If you plan to camp in a remote area, you will need all the lighting you can have. If you don’t want to attract wild animals to your camp, you may need to lower your fire and instead have tiki torches to light up your area.

To make a DIY bottle tiki torch, you will need a beer bottle, hammer, bottle capper, cotton string, oil, and bottle caps.

7. Compass
If your camping destination is somewhere unfamiliar to you, you need to pack a compass. In case you forgot to buy one or just choose not to, you can create your own anytime.

You will need a shallow bowl, a magnet, a straight needle, water, and cork or styrofoam for this project. You can check out the instructions here. These DIY camping gear will not only help you sharpen your camping skills, but they will also help you save on costs.

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