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Major Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

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It can be difficult to identify when your home needs meaningful repair. That is especially true when it comes to parts of your home that you do not necessarily see all that often. One of those parts is your roof!

Making sure that your roof is well-maintained is very important when it comes to the comfort, safety and value of your home. For that reason, you should familiarize yourself with some of the major signs that your home’s roof is in need of repair.

If any of the tell-tale signs seem to be the case with your roof, you will want to contact roofers Atlanta to get those issues taken care of right away!

You see shingles that are curled, cracked or missing
This is one of the most popular indications that the shingles on your roof are nearing the end of their lifespan. If you see anything resembling a curled, cracked or missing shingle, it is time to have a professional come in and take a look at not only that area, but ideally your entire roof.

You see shingles that are dark, dirty or wet
If shingles on your roof are allowing moisture to get in, they are not doing their job of repelling that moisture and leading it towards your home’s gutters. It is important to keep in mind that when this takes place, you should check the entire area around the wet shingle.

You see shingle granules in the gutters
Another major sign that your roofing needs repair is if you start to find shingle granules in your gutters. These granules are made of composite of asphalt and will shed when they start to wear out. If you aren’t sure what they look like, just keep your eyes out for things that look like coarse, black sand.

You see blistering or peeling exterior paint
If your attic is poorly ventilated, moisture can build up near the roofline of your home, this can cause the paint to peel or blister and is a sign that your roof is not fighting against moisture as it should.

You see staining on ceilings or walls
A major sign that you are in serious need of roof repair is that you start to see water stains or discoloration on the walls or ceilings of your home. It’s a sign that your ceiling’s underlayment may be allowing moisture in your home, that is what leads to the stains.

Replacing your roof will solve the problem, and you will want to do it as soon as possible so that you avoid further damage to the interior of your home.

You see a Sagging roof deck
If you notice that the decking or rafters in your attic are beginning to sag downwards instead of remaining straight as they should, it may be an indication that they are wet from leaking moisture getting in from your roof. If you catch it early enough, you may be able to repair the
small area as opposed to getting a whole roof repair.

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