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5 Tips For Cleaning Up After the Holidays

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The holidays bring cheers and gladness to a home. Opening gifts, eating hearty meals, and spending time with family and friends during this season of giving can put a smile on your face.

But your happiness might turn to unwanted stress once you see the post-holiday mess. Let go of your worries with these five tips to help you clean your home after the holidays.

Let the Professionals Handle It
Perhaps, you might want to take a break from the holiday preparation. Otherwise, the mess inside your home after the year-end party is overwhelming. If you can’t handle the post-holiday cleaning endeavor, it’s time to call in the pros.

Professional home cleaning services like SwiftClean help remove the stress involved in removing the party favors, gift wrappers, and food spilled on the floor after the holiday festivities.

The time saved from letting the expert cleaners tidy up the place allows you to spend more time with other activities. For instance, you might want to catch up with that relative you haven’t seen for years.

The cleaners also have the tools to make the cleaning more efficient as opposed to letting you rely on an old broom. After all, you can’t remove all the mess made from the partying, especially the stains.

You might need more than a brush or a wet mop to remove the spots altogether. Avoid getting unwanted stress from trying to eliminate these pesky messes by calling professional cleaners from the start.

Clean the Fridge
Aside from opening presents, the holidays also give households the gift of food. Tasty treats like holiday turkey, ham, and cake seem to pile up during the season.

You and your guests may find it challenging to finish all of these delectable dishes. So, you might decide to keep it all in your refrigerator.

But time may pass, and a few of the leftovers start leaking sauces on your nice refrigerator shelves. Hence, don’t forget to clean the fridge after the holidays.

Cleaning your refrigerator might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you own a large model. But there are cleaning hacks to help lessen the chore.

For instance, you can use a cleaning solution mixed with hot water to wipe down the appliance’s bins, drawers, and shelves. Another hack is to use diluted lemon juice mixed with baking soda to help eliminate dried stains.

Return the Cleanliness of Your Bathroom

One of the areas in the house with the most traffic is the bathroom. Now, the Christmas Eve party did a number in this room as household members and guests continuously go in and out to use the toilet to freshen up.

After all the partying, you can start cleaning the bathroom by giving it a good scrub. Use a sponge to scrub, mixed with a cleaning formula for the bath and shower areas.

Wipe the mirrors and sink with a clean, microfiber cloth. Mop the floors, and clean the toilet with an appropriate cleaning solution afterward.

Remember, bathrooms may look disgusting after the holiday rush. But calling in professional cleaners might still be an option if you don’t want to crawl around a messy area.

Time to Throw Out the Trash
You might be lucky enough to get many presents during the holidays. But after opening and enjoying your gifts, you probably now have a large pile of wrappers and ribbons by your side.

One option to clean up the mess is to throw all of the pieces of paper and ribbons into the trash bin. But that creates another pile of garbage, which might not be ideal if you want to make your house presentable to guests.

Instead, put all the excess pieces of wrapping paper in a large garbage bag. Then, throw the trash in the neighborhood trash bin. These garbage bins tend to be larger than the trash containers in homes.

Remove the Extra Clutter
After the holidays, it might be time to start winding down to make way for the next season. So, it means it’s time to remove the holiday decorations hanging around your home.

Consider putting away the holiday decor as slowly as you can. You should not be in a rush to remove all the holiday adornments from your house (unless it’s already March).

But if it’s still the end of the year or the beginning of the New Year, consider keeping a few pieces of decor in your abode. For instance, keep a few wreaths hanging on windows. That way, you can still feel the festiveness of your dwelling even if you already put the tree away for next year.

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For a Clean Home… Don’t forget to call the professionals when needed. Still, these five tips can help eliminate the holiday mess in your home. Let this guide help keep your home clean and mess-free after the holiday parties.

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