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Ways To Incorporate Reclaimed Wood Accents Throughout Your Home

Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been re-purposed and restored using modern methods to increase its character, strength, and application, which comes with unique character that is impossible to approximate using other commercially available materials.

As a homeowner that believes in sustainable materials, one of best ways to spruce up your home is with reclaimed wood accents. Accents draw the eye and redirect the focal point of a room, so a rich material like reclaimed wood can enhance the interior in new ways.

Best of all, these reclaimed wood accents are eco-friendly and good for the environment, which can give you peace of mind and reassurance that your home minimizes its impact on the Earth’s precious resources.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most common ways to incorporate reclaimed wood accents throughout your home.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #1: Flooring
Flooring is one of the most important accents in your home, considering that it must be sturdy and comfortable enough for occupants, but also visually appealing. Distressed hardwood floors can add a unique feel beneath your footsteps and bring a more natural ambiance and reverberance, while making the space feel much cozier.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #2: Stair Parts
One often overlooked area to add a visual touch is with stairs built with reclaimed wood. Because of the material’s increase sturdiness and “broken-in” quality, reclaimed wood provides the stability needed for steps.

Visually, your stairs give your home a wood-built appeal without the creakiness that comes from uncured wood.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #3: Wood Beams
Real wood beams, serving as either a structural reinforcement or aesthetic touch, are a popular use of reclaimed wood to add an organic feel to your home.

For instance, placing a solid wood beam can shore up weak spots in your home, while box beams can cover unsightly remnants of construction materials.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #4: Wood Paneling
Often neglected in interior design, ceilings can be brought to life with reclaimed wood wall panel decor. The natural grain of wood arranged in a symmetric pattern makes a space feel cozier and helps create a natural ambiance that drywall and ceiling paint is sorely lacking.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #5: Counter Tops, Table Tops, & Bar Tops
Homes that want a bucolic feel to their kitchens can use reclaimed wood as the solution. After all, it has only been since modern times that materials like stone, metal and plastics comprised our modern kitchen and eating areas.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #6: Wood Shelves
Shelves are perhaps the easiest way to add character and storage space to your home with reclaimed wood. A normally dull, unadorned wall comes to life with strategically-placed reclaimed wood shelves – only taking a few wall anchors to install, but easily adding untold value to your walls.

Reclaimed Wood Accent #7: Fireplace Mantels
Reclaimed wood is renowned for its warmth and coziness, so it makes sense to add it as a material for a wood fireplace mantel, where you can place pictures of loved ones, gifts and valuables, timepieces and mementos above the radiating heat during the colder months of the year.

If you’re looking for a handy infographic to inform you about everything you need to know about reclaimed wood, consult the infographic below:

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