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10 Lovely Flower DIY Projects

Hi friends, its been awhile since I’ve had a moment to sit down and curate a new and fab round up for you all. Christmas was wonderful for my family and I hope it all was for yours too. That said, like ever year it already came and went.. kind of sad.  Anyway before we know it the trees will soon bloom their new buds and everything will be blooming and looking like gorgeous happy spring. I am looking forward to all that newness, new year, new life, new beginnings… kind of exciting. I love me some pretty flowers or for some of you its simply roses only right? 

I can’t believe that spring is right around the corner, and for some sooner then others. We live in a very warm climate and so our winter afternoons feel like perfect cool spring days (not bragging). One of my favorite things to do in the spring is plant all new flowers in my porch pot and around my tree bed and in my planter window boxes. With the new year bringing all new seasons, planting fresh new flowers is a newness as well. It feels so good to enjoy all the new things, new opportunities, a new chance to hopefully not kill your plants or flowers too. HA! Wink. Well one thing is for sure, if it is to darn cold where you are to even be thinking of spring, birds, new blooms, and planting flowers… well I have you covered with some great, easy, fun, and spring like DIY projects below. You can stay nice and warm in your home and get your craft on until spring comes.

Here we go, below is a wonderful floral round up of 10 lovely flower DIY Projects. I hope these inspire you for the soon to be spring season, for decor on your mantel, wall, shelf, daughters room, gifts, and more. You all enjoy. 


Giant DIY flowers| Source Here

DIY Flower Pen| Source Here

DIY Lavender Ball Jars| Source Here

DIY No Sew Flowers| Source Here

DIY Floral Hoop Wreath| Source Here

DIY Ball String Art Vase| Source Here

DIY Pressed Flowers iPhone Case| Source Here 

DIY Floral Arrangement Box| Source Here

DIY Floral Chandelier| Source Here 

DIY Stenciled/Painted Floral Old Door| Source Here 


Can we say GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to bring in fresh flowers, faux, and even get my spring decor on… but for now I will enjoy my winter cozy decor and day dream of fresh blooms.

Thank you all for visiting the blog today. xo jen

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