Five Low Effort Poolside Landscaping Tips

On the blog today it is all about “Five Low Effort Poolside Landscaping Tips”

As the days of summer wither away, you might be looking for new ways to engage your friends and family around the pool before the season ends. If having gatherings in the back yard around your pool seems daunting due to poor lighting, overcrowding, or just a general fear that people will “mess things up” now is a great time for simple landscaping changes to make your next pool party a real splash.
If you are pool shopping or hunting for upgrades to your existing swimming area, click here to learn more about some of the amazing options on the market this season. Today we’ll discuss five great options for simple revamps of your poolside space, these include lighting, kid stuff, seating, shade, and maintenance.

Light it Up
Warm summer evenings can be great for pool parties, provided people can see the fun. Glow sticks, fairy lights, multicolored LED replacement bulbs, and even balloons can be used to add light that is both elegant and fun. The most important thing to consider when introducing light fixtures or temporary light elements to a swimming pool environment is safety. No one wants to electrocute their guests, but stringing lights across your pool, or putting off the replacement of outdated light hardware can make pool lighting a disaster in the waiting. Consider your overall plan for the pool and yard area and look at ways to incorporate unobtrusive lighting in your landscaping project.

Think of the Children
One of the reasons many of us install pools is for a boost to quality time with our friends and family – especially where there’re children concerned. So think about your landscaping projects from their perspective. Sure, those glass bead fire pits look awesome, but are they kid friendly? Consider who is using your space while you’re designing it and everyone will be happier in the long run. Think about your pool cover and fencing in terms of safety as well as aesthetics. Include areas to supervise children from as well as space for the kids to do their own thing.

Social Seating Arrangements
Again, we’re drawn back to the point of having a pool for most families: spending time with those whose company we enjoy. Creating seating space as part of your landscaping project can be as simple, or complicated as your individual style dictates. Be sure to consider the following when designing a seating area for your pool:
Does the furniture need to be protected from the elements in the off season?
Can you use the furniture to store other pool or yard items?
Is the seating arrangement permanent or temporary?
How variable in size are your gatherings?
Will the furniture be useful whatever the weather?
Also, remember the need for tables, footstools, and other accessory items.

Throwing Shade
Sun sails, awnings, and other shade structures can inject a color to your landscaping project as well as providing much-needed protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Whether you are fortunate enough to have natural shade from trees available on your property or not, providing seating in both the sun and shade will provide a comfortable environment for all your visitors.
Maintaining Your Improvements
Having put a little extra effort to spiff up the poolside areas, you’ll want to be sure you keep things in their prime by doing routine pool maintenance as well as keeping the surrounding areas free from debris. If you’ve opted for all-weather furniture, water resistant covers can prolong its life. Similarly, if you install a UV-fabric shade of any sort, it is important to protect it from the elements to ensure proper function for years to come.

The best part is, none of these suggestions require a significant outlay of money or effort. With a little consideration, your poolside space will be ready to see out summer in style.

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