New Amazing Light Fixtures Installed Plus Huge Giveaway

Hello friends, today I am sharing two killer, amazing, awesome, wood grey-washed, stunning light fixtures. HA! I could say a ton more about them, but I will let the pictures do all the talking.

I have to say that earlier this year I want to the Parade of Homes for the first time with my sil. The one thing that stood out to me the most out of each home, and over all the amazing decor, styling, huge windows, etc. was the light fixtures. True story. I was blown away by all the amazing light fixtures, and I can’t believe how much a light fixture can change a room or space. My tips for a great room and space, is a great paint color/or cool wall treatment and one killer light fixture. You do that, and you will already have an awesome space. 

Below I am sharing the two light fixtures I picked out from Bellacor and the new lighting line “Mill and Mason”. I’m also sharing a GIVEAWAY. One that “3” lucky winners benefit from. YAY!

Let me share my new lighting and will move onto the giveaway info. and how to enter. 


New gorgeous lighting old fixture


New gorgeous lighting old fixture3

New gorgeous lighting old fixture14

New gorgeous lighting old fixture13

New gorgeous lighting old fixture15

The old lighting down in our family room. Before.

New gorgeous lighting old fixture2


New gorgeous lighting old fixture7

New gorgeous lighting old fixture8

New gorgeous lighting old fixture12

I’m in love. Now who wants their chance to win their own light  fixture or two… because $500.00 is SLAP HAPPY amazing. HA!

new gorgeous lighting mill and mason giveaway

“3” Lucky winners will be selected $500.00 a piece.


Head over to this link via Mill and Mason 

– Come back and in a comment, leave the “item number” or “link” to a “Mill and Mason” light fixture you would want the most. That is it.

– For bonus entry leave another comment letting me know that you followed Bellacor on Instagram.

Enter before April 27th, when “3” winners are selected. YAY! Good luck. 




  1.' Tammy stanonis says:


  2. So gorgeous options!!! I mostly need new hallway lighting and would choose #1901667. My office is the next big project and I’m digging #713398 for in there.

  3. Hi Jen! Love your You tube videos and Instagram posts..your house is the bomb and I’m sooo jealous of all your Rae Dunn!!! The light I like is…River Station Rubbed Bronze Three-Light Flush Mount
    Bellacor #: 1754714
    (0)………………It would be beautiful in my farmhouse……Amy

  4.' Kim stovall says:

    I love love this giveaway. I need some new light fixtures.

  5. What beautiful lighting they have! You selected two great ones! I need a new light in our master bathroom SO Bad! What we have is the original….from 1979, when the house was built! So here’s what I would pick:
    Hopewell Polished Chrome Eight-Light Vanity with Clear Crystal
    Bellacor #: 1902082

    WISH me LUCK!!!

  6. I need new lighting pretty much everywhere in my house but I guess I would have to start in the entryway. I think this one would be great!

  7.' Mindy Blake says:

    Friend they look soooooooo good! i am dying over this white and gold globe for my lula/oil/craft room!!!!! I totally followed them on Insta too! Thanks for the heads up of an amazing company!

  8.' Cheryl B says:

    I love the Mill & Mason Irving Rubbed Bronze Two-Light Vanity 1901924

  9.' Courtney Hardwick says:
  10.' Cheryl B says:

    I followed Bellacor on Instagram.

  11.' Melanie Melick says:

    1901952 would be perfect for sprusing up our front door!

  12.' Melissa L says:
  13.' Melissa L says:

    Following Bellacor on instagram

  14.' Melanie Melick says:

    I am now following bellacor on instagram!

  15.' Jen Garcia says:

    They are all beautiful!!

  16.' Courtney Hardwick says:

    And following! ❤

  17.' Cristina says:

    Im loving all the industrial ones! Love this one!

  18.' Cristina says:

    Just followed Bellacor on Instagram too! 😉

  19.' Jalyssa Gossen says:

    😍😍😍 bathroom upgrade indeed! #1901922

  20.' Pauline R says:

    Wow…these are amazing!! Too many to chose from. But I like number 1902010
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!

  21.' Jalyssa Gossen says:

    Also followed Bellacor on insta🤗

  22.' Sheyenne Donath says:

    Omg I gasped when I saw this giveaway!!! We just purchased a house so this would be amazing to win! The light fixture I am obsessed with is
    Bellacor #: 1830363 !!!!

  23.' Pauline R says:

    I follow Belacore on IH.
    Thanks for
    This awesome giveaway

  24. I’d love Bellacor #1901041 we just redid our kitchen and I still can’t find lighting I like. I need 3 to cordinate not match. Love your 🏡

  25. I’m following Belacor on instagram!

  26.' Breanna says:


  27.' Hailey Schultz says:
  28. I’m moving into our first home April 22, winning this would be amazing!!! #1675273

    By the way your instagram is my design inspiration for everything!!!!

  29. Following Bellacor for another entry! 🤞🏼

  30.' Kaci N. says:

    pendant lighting — too cute! item # 1567562

  31. 1902091 would look AWESOME in one of my girl’s room! (Hmmm, or their bathroom!!)

  32. Boy was it fun to go through their site! So many stunning options. Every single lighting spot in our home needs a fixture so it was fun to get ideas. We literally just have hanging bulbs, haha! I would get a couple of these for my kitchen and hallways.

  33.' BreAnne says:

    Decision decisions, it’s so hard to pick one! But I’ll got with #1458054.

  34.' BreAnne says:

    I also started following their instagram!

  35. Mill & Mason Warwick Dark Bronze Four-Light Lantern Pendant
    Number: 1901650
    For my entry way!!!

  36. Oh my goodness! I would love to get 1901042 for the entry! 😍 Thanks for the opportunity! You’re so sweet!!!!

  37. Also followed bellacor 🙂

  38. (And I just followed them on insta!! ☺️❤)

  39.' Nathalie says:

    #1902112. We just moved into our fixer upper & would love to have this light. I absolutely love following your stories & getting great inspiration;)

  40.' Nathalie says:

    Following Bellacor. Thanks for opportunity!

  41. What a lovely change! Jen, you always inspire me. Thanks for reaching out. 🙂

  42.' Sabrina Smith says:

    I love item #1901792
    I need this in my dining room and have been looking for one forever!

  43.' Sabrina Smith says:


  44. Hey!! So many lights to choose from, but #1902164 would be my choice right now. I know right where I will put if I win! 😉🙏. Thanks!!

  45.' Crystal says:

    So hard to choose from but I like #1901098. Awesome giveaway!!

  46.' Crystal says:

    Also liked Bellacor on Instagram👍🏻

  47. I am obsessed with this light:

    Hyattstown Weathered Wood and Iron Four-Light Chandelier
    Bellacor #: 1901041

    Eeek! I hope I win! Thank you so much Jennie!!

  48. I followed Bellacor on Instagram 😊

  49. Bellacor # 1901100

  50. Following on Instagram! Beautiful stuff!!

  51.' Katie Klueg says:

    Wow I could spend all day looking at the beautiful light fixtures! I love this one:
    Wish me luck!!

  52.' Katie Klueg says:

    Also started following bellacor on insta!

  53.' Cindy Nemec says:

    #1901924 woukd be perfect in my bathroom. I would love to win it.

  54.' Nicole Sudano says:

    1901042 I want the one you have lol😍😍😍

  55. Breathtaking fixtures!
    My favorite is:
    Mill & Mason Sullivan Aged Pewter Three-Light Mini-Pendant

    Bellacor Number: 1901642

  56.' Ellen Casper says:
  57. Following Bellacor on Instagram

  58.' Ellen Casper says:

    Followed bellacor on Instagram — flagler2

  59. Oh!!! I LOVE item #1902098–it would look fantastic in our front room… 😁

  60.' Kristin Macfarlane says:

    1516653 is oh I covet these lights!!!! So gorgeous!!!!!

  61.' Kristin Macfarlane says:

    Followed Bella or on Instagram! Yay!

  62.' Tina Woods says:

    1561243 I’d love to have this light fixture for my porch ❤️Love it!

  63.' Tina Woods says:

    I followed bellacor on Instagram 😀Thanks!

  64.' Jammi Smith says:

    I LOVE the fixtures you picked out! I also love the Mill & Mason Hyde Black Two-Light Drum Flush Mount

    Bellacor Number: 1901044

  65.' Jammi Smith says:

    Also, I’m following Bellacor on Instagram.



  66. I love # 1610014 Noble Rustic Black Three-Light Chandelier . I would love two! One for over my dining room table and the other for my hall.

  67. I am following Bellacor on Instagram 👍🏻

  68.' Melissa Noble says:

    Hi there! I am new to the farmhouse style and currently renovating my dining room. Light #1901043 would look great in my new space since I have low ceilings in my home.

  69.' Melissa Noble says:

    Followed bellacor on Instagram. :)))

  70. I can’t choose a favorite – I like so many! One of my favorites is Bellacore item #: 1902174. 🤞🤞🤞

  71.' Elaine phillips says:

    I went to the link but it says, “service is unavailable”!!!! 🙁
    BUT, I think I’d pick the same open globe (the full one) for our bedroom! We’d need two though, so if I win we’ll have to buy the second one. There’s two light fixtures in this room about 11′ from each other, and it needs to be changed from the old 50’s look… 😜
    We bought several fixtures for inside and outside from bellacor for our Santa Barbara house years ago!!! Great value!

  72. We are just starting the build process and I would love a few of these over my kitchen island.

  73. Oh! I am in the middle of building a house and this would be a blessing. I am looking for pendants to hang above a 10 foot long island in our kitchen. I think three of the mini silver pendants in the Mills & Madison Geometric would be beautiful! Love your globe too!!

  74. Followed On Insta! 😍

  75. Oh man, that weathered wood and iron light is pretty! #1901042

  76. Also, I followed Bellacor on Instagram. My username is SamoanSif. [:

  77. #1901888 my back deck lighting is the worst. I need some of these in my life!

  78. Following bellacor on IG. 👍🏻😍

  79. Wow Jennie! Love those fixtures! Really adds character to your living spaces! 😍
    I love the light post 1901956! I’ve always been a fan of edison lights. Would love to get a couple of these for the outside of my new home.

  80. 1902171 … such a beautiful chandelier! They have some really pretty pieces.

  81. Just purchased a home with a 2 story foyer that currently has a gosh awful light and I would love to replace it with Thisb beauty 😍

  82.' Nancy Reid says:

    I’ll be moving into a new home and would like to display this beautiful fixture in my new home!

  83.' Nancy Reid says:

    I follow you on instagram as eyewonit

  84.' Tiffany says:
  85.' Tiffany says:

    Following Bellacor on Instagram

  86.' Kristen Langston says:

    How do you pick a favorite, there are so many awesome options!

    I love Bellacor #: 605970 and Bellacor #: 1830598

    We are going to be building a home this fall and i would LOVE to have some awesome light fixtures!!! (:

  87.' Kristen Langston says:

    Followed and commented on Bellacor’s instagram page!

  88.' Samantha says:

    Love this globe! 1901041 It would be perfect for my master bedroom. Thanks for introducing us to this new line. Sam

  89.' Samantha says:

    Started following this company on IG. Always fun finding out about a new company.

  90.' mami2jcn says:

    I love this one–

  91.' Brenda Haines says:
  92.' mami2jcn says:

    I follow bellacor lighting on instagram (mami2jcn)

  93.' Brenda Haines says:

    I follow Bellacor on Instagram @thehippiehut32.

  94. I love the Eastbrook Brushed Zinc 12-Inch One-Light Pendant
    Bellacor #: 1901804!

  95. #1901795 !!! Lovely for an entry way

  96.' Sheyenne Donath says:

    I followed Bellacor on Instagram!!

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