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The Best New Eight Mattress

GASP! I have to do some chatting first before I dive into this post… because I am all about keeping it real (do you follow me on Insta stories or YouTube? then you would know). Well a few months ago my hubby was talking about wanting a new mattress. He was doing some research on his breaks at work and would chit chat about what he found. Then suddenly an email came into my inbox and its the “Eight” or “Smart Eight Mattress” and I did all my reading/research, and next thing I know an eight mattress is at our front door. I was so stinking nervous about a new mattress, especially a memory foam one? I mean I am all about springs and firmness etc. I have loved our pillow top mattress and we have had it since marriage with no problems what so ever. I mean we would stay in hotels or at family’s homes and nothing was ever better then your own bed aka your own mattress. I was also nervous about this eight mattress because nobody is pickier about their toilet paper, socks, and mattress… then my husband. Ironically their all things that offer cushion and softness LOL. 

Well our eight mattress came as I said earlier, and we pulled it out of the box laid it across our box spring and cut the plastic wrap off of it. We watched it puff up and grow in just a minute. We were so excited for a new mattress. YAY! We put our mattress cover on, our sheets, and went to bed that night. Guess what? we over slept and had to scram to get the kids fed and out the door for school. HA! we got more then “8” hours of sleep. I tossed and turned on my other mattress, all the sticken time. I was miserable! Not only did I not toss and turn, but you don’t feel the movement of this eight mattress and the “4” foam layer’s which let me share all the amazing details with you now. 

Eight Mattress Details:

Eight’s research shows that people who sleep on foam mattresses get the most deep sleep: 21.3% deep sleep per night compared to 19.8% deep sleep on latex, 18.8% on gel or gel-infused layers, and 10% on innerspring.

The Eight Mattress is unique in that it has not three, but four foam layers for your optimal relaxation. Eight’s bed has four high density foam layers that provide the perfect amount of support. This is the bed for all the Goldilocks in the world; it is not too firm, but not too soft.  It forms to your body shape, but bounces back. It is supportive with no pressure, and cozy without being too warm or cool. Each of the four foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

Amazing Foam Layers:

– 1st layer: 2 inch reactive poly foam, density of 3.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot), bounces like latex but feels like foam, provides comfort while staying cool

– 2nd layer: 2 inch contouring memory foam, 4.0 PCF, provides pressure relief

– 3rd layer: 2 inch supportive transition poly foam, 1.8 PCF, adds additional comfort and weight distribution,

– 4th layer: 4 inch high density support base foam, 1.8 PCF, provides a durable foundation, highly breathable, adds the right amount of firmness

The high density of the foam in Eight mattresses sets them apart from competitors. This allows you to get the most comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

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The best new eight mattress1

The best new eight mattress2

The best new eight mattress3

The best new eight mattress5

The best new eight mattress6

The Eight foam mattress does not transfer movement, so it is ideal if you sleep with a partner or pet who tosses and turns during the night. Eight’s mattresses are manufactured in America. Compared to other top brands, their foam mattresses are smartly priced.

Twin: 39” x 75” x 10” for $525.00

Twin XL: 39” x 80” x 10” for $562.50

Full: 54” x 75” x 10” for $750.00

Queen: 60” x 80” x 10” for $850.00

King: 76” x 80” x 10” for $950.00

California King: 72” x 84” x 10” for $950.00

I cannot stress how AMAZING this mattress is, and how thrilled I am that we own one now, and have been sleeping in which my husband and I keep laughing about, because its kind of getting out of control. I’m telling you, all you do is lay down on this mattress and you go to sleep. NO JOKE. I wanted to make mention that our mattress is just the regular mattress, but you most definitely can buy the “Smart Feature” attachment. I highly recommend this amazing mattress. Jen

Not sure if the Eight Mattress is for you? Eight offers a 100 night trial and free shipping and returns if you don’t love it. The mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Eight also has a showroom in New York where you can test out the mattress as well as other products they offer. Make and appointment here

Deal: 15% Off Site Wide

Code: SLEEP15


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