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What’s In My Bag?

Hi friends. Who of you, like me love purses and even more, love to watch “What’s in my bag/purse” videos on YouTube? Cough cough “emoji hand up” Me! I love handbags and have recently been wathcing way to many “What’s in my bag” videos. Like binge watching. EEK! Well I’ve also done one in the past and recently just posted a new one on my chanel. If any of you care to watch it and see it, you can go HERE

whats in my bag

Purse Bling- Organizer’s Purse Bling- Base Shaper’s

Thanks friends, I am really trying to do this YouTube thing even at my age and weight, but hey we are all different, sizes, shapes, heights, ages etc. xo jen

This was a review of products’s, and all opinons are 100% mine. 

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    1. I cleaned up some of my videos on YouTube, and made it more Decor Hauls, Decor, DIY, Home Tours. Sorry for any confusion. Jen

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