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DIY upcycled BHG coffee table

Hi friends, today I am sharing a DIY upcycled BHG coffee table, I purchased the cute coffee table off walmart .com several months ago. The finish is a wood laminate over compressed wood. I was OK with the look, but new that at some point I would upcyle it. In fact I new I would add some white chalk paint to it. Well several months later the mood struck and I got busy. I am sharing what I did today. Before we get into the “How To” I want you all to see a before. This image is taken from Walmart .com as its one of the images they use to share the product. 


diy better homes and gardens table


diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.7jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.1jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.6jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.2jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.3jpg

How To: 1) I started by using two coats of white chalk paint. I let it dry and then 2.) with an electric sander (God sent) and I believe, 300 grit sand paper, I started sanding. I did not have a plan in mind for this, I simply started sanding and the chalk paint was coming off so easy. It actually scared me how much chalk paint was coming off. That said I kept at it. Once I achieved the sanded look I wanted.

3.) I brushed off all the dust. 4.) I then took a brush and lightly dipped it into dark ebony stain and would tap that brush on the table in areas I wanted it to look darker. I would tap the ebony stain on (keeping it away and off the white parts) and then I would rub it into the table and wipe excess off with paper towels. 5.) I repeated this process with ebony stain and dark walnut stain.

I again chose area’s (especially where partical board was showing) and kept at it. Once I was all done with the staining 6.) I let everything dry over night. 7.) I did two coats of the Polycrylic (amazing stuff, very faint non stinky odor). The polycrylic is my top choice for sealing a table (at least like this one I did) it does not yellow, and it dries pretty quickly too. I love polycrylic for sealing tables especially with chalk paint. 

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.4jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.5jpg

diy chalkpaint cowhide coffee table.9

I just love how it turned out. YEAH! I, and some others (via instagram) have said how it looks like a cow hide rug. It really does, and in fact I ordered a cowhide rug for my front room. I will be putting it under my piano bench. I hope this post helps you or pushes you just enjoy for you to upcyle your next table(s). Thanks for the visit. xo jen

DIY upcycled bhg coffee table text

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