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What Air-Conditioning System Is Right for Your Home?

Summers in Australia can be very hot. Temperatures can reach in excess of 40 degrees Celsius. During those hot summers, few things are as relaxing as being able to walk into a fully air-conditioned room. You might ask yourself, What Air-Conditioning System is Right for Your Home? It can be a challenge for homeowners to decide which air-conditioning unit is right for their home. Factors that must be considered include the size of the room, the layout of the room, and the health conditions of the home’s occupants.

The Benefit of a Split System

A split system air conditioner is a good option for a small to midsize room. These units function in a way that is similar to air-conditioners that sit in the window. The only difference is that with the split system, the air handler and the condenser are two separate units. The air handler sits inside the room, and the condenser is installed outdoors. Homeowners have the option of connecting multiple air handlers to one condenser, allowing them to cool different sections of the home at the same time.

Since they do not need to be installed by a window, the split system style of air-conditioners offers more versatility. Since split system units have their air-conditioners outside, they do not make a lot of noise. These units are known for their energy efficiency. The techniques used to install these units minimize the amount of hot air they can leak in and out of the room. This in turn lessens the amount of time the unit needs to run to keep the room cool.

Health Benefits of Air-Conditioning Units

Split system air-conditioning units are beneficial for people who have respiratory conditions, have allergies, who live in areas with air-quality issues, and who have sinus conditions.

Even if a person has perfect health, high temperatures and airborne particulates can have a negative impact on a person’s health. Modern air-conditioning units are designed to resolve these problems by filtering the air before pumping it into a room.

Warm temperatures and high humidity have a negative effect on the way the body functions. When a person is in a hot environment for an extended period of time, their body expends a lot of energy, they feel tired, and they may suffer from dehydration. Air-conditioning units, like those built by ActronAir for example, help moderate the temperature in a home and protects a homeowner from the negative effects of excessive heat.

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  1. I haven’t heard of a split system before. Thank you for bringing that up! Also, I laughed pretty hard at the eCard that says “On the 8th day, God created the south. And on the 9th day, he created air conditioning.” Hilarious!

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