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Upcycled Chalk Paint Pink Bed

Hello friends, today I am sharing this awesome Upcycled Chalk Paint Pink Bed. Yeah! I’m part of this FB group called the “Hurricane Area Rummage Sale” and a guy was selling a crap load of stuff, and one of the items was a honey oak like finish foot and head board. I loved the chunkyness of it and it was only $20.00 bucks. I immediatly thought “chalk paint” and Bellas room. I hurried and PMed him on FB to let him know I was very interested. 

I used some DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint. When I was on DecoArt’s website I was looking at all their chalky finish paint selections, but none were what I wanted. Until I noticed that they had some mix shade options. BOOM! I used a  mixture of “1 Romance and 1 Delicate”. I mixed the two until I got the pink shade I was wanting. I did not sand or prime the foot and head boards before. I simply used a good brush and started painting. I also did no finish the bed with any kind of a protective finish. I felt that it looked and felt good with out a protective finish. I let the pieces both sit over night and the next day I sanded them. That was it, and that is the beauty of chalk paint. However, if you are going to chalk paint something like a beautiful hutch, buffet, piano, etc. I would definintly look into a water-based polyurthane, or there are many other options, just do your homework, i.e. Google, and YouTube. wink. 

Bellas bed as I mentioned felt good, and I had to sand it to get anything to chip away, as I tried just seeing if it would chip off with the scratch of my nail, but nope. I did infact sand. I love how the bed came out, and Bella is smitten with it too. WIN WIN!

Here it is. 

upcycled chalk paint pink bed18

Here is the before, and I failed to take a picture with my SLR camera, so it is the image I shared on my Instagram. 

bed frame before


upcycled chalk paint pink bed

upcycled chalk paint pink bed6

upcycled chalk paint pink bed10

upcycled chalk paint pink bed8

upcycled chalk paint pink bed13

upcycled chalk paint pink bed12

upcycled chalk paint pink bed16

upcycled chalk paint pink bed17To see Bellas Room Before the new foot and head board you can visit this link here

bellas colorful bedroom love

You can also check out her Pretty Paris Birthday Party here

paris party front angle

Thank you all for stopping by today.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

xo, jen



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3 thoughts on “Upcycled Chalk Paint Pink Bed

  1. Did the 2x 16 oz containers of chalk paint cover the bed frame? Or did you need to buy more? It looks great. Definitely girlie!

    1. Hi Jen, I used 16 oz tubs from DecoArt, but I mixed the two colors and I didn’t use nearly half of them. It took one coat, and then a rough second coat kind of here and there. Thanks, jen

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