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Big Bloom DIY Paper Flowers

Hello friends, I had a ton of fun playing, creating and putting together these Big Bloom DIY Paper Flowers. You can find them at Michaels.  I new that I would used them in my daughters room. That said, they are so pretty for a bridal shower, garden party, tea party, flower themed party, girls bedroom, etc. I love that they come in different sizes and colors. The yellow ones you see, were actually white and I spray painted them, one mustard yellow, and another one a softer buttery yellow.  To hang them I new they would need more strength, so I took some small cut square felt, some jute string, and a hot glue gun. I added the hot glue laid the jute string down onto the hot glue and pressed the felt down over the glue and string holding it for a few seconds. I then hung them up around my daughters mirror, just placing them were I thought they looked best. Bella’s room is full of color and is so girly, so I new they would work in there and I new she would be thrilled too…. she was!

Lets take a look.

big blooom DIY paper flowers

big blooom DIY paper flowers3

big blooom DIY paper flowers4

big blooom DIY paper flowers10

big blooom DIY paper flowers5

big blooom DIY paper flowers6

big blooom DIY paper flowers7

 Thanks for visiting guys, and if you are swooning be sure to check the link order online tee-hee, or jump in your car grab a fountain DC and then to to Michael’s. wink wink. jen

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