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Hi Guys, my girl “Bella” and I, are fast at work trying to bring you all these fun “easy” DIY/Crafts on YouTube Craft-O-Maniac Channel. We have been thinking of fun stuff for your craft rooms, offices, little girl or teen bedrooms, school lockers, or even for gift ideas, etc.

Its intimidating getting behind the camera and since I’m “only human” I have plenty of insecurities to go with being a camera. Luckily Bella is a little girl and to her its all fun and she doesn’t have anything to be self conscious about nor have any  insecurities to fret over either. That said, I am still loving the fun we are having creating projects, recording the videos, and doing it all with my very favorite girl. My husband has been a great support and helps edit the videos, as well as film them (we are still so new to this, so there is much to still learn). We will be ordering photography/video lamps real soon, in hopes to improve the lighting on the videos. Anyway, below are a few “new ones” I am sharing here on the blog. Both Bella and I would adore some subscribers, and I hate hinting around like that, because you obviously will subscribe if you choose too…. but Hey’ we are new and very excited. wink wink.

Man I look hot (above) lol NOT! scary shot!

DIY Stenciled or Stamped Cork Boards

diy stenciled stamped cork board2 diy stenciled stamped cork board1


XO jen and Bella

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