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Rustic Farm Chic Kitchen Decor

Hi guys, today I am sharing something I always share … “My Hutch” seriously its about the only thing I decorate and change anymore! EEK! So I am sharing my “Rustic Farm Chic Kitchen Decor” aka hutch and kitchen table area. I really don’t go into decorating my hutch with a theme, I think when I take stuff down and put it away and start with new stuff, that it just starts to come together, and typically I get a theme out of it. I like this look because the rustic look of my hutch, makes me think of fall almost and that is what we are heading into. I really want to get some big sunflowers for my vintage metal pitcher, but for this shoot I just shopped my pantry and cupboards for what I liked, and used what I had. Most of what I have used has been purchased over time at antique/mercantile type stores, thrift stores, Tai Pan Trading, Target, Home Goods, Khols,  just when I see something that’s cheap and fits my style I have picked it up.

Lets take a look.

farm rustic chic kitchen decor5

farm rustic chic kitchen decor1

farm rustic chic kitchen decor14


farm rustic chic kitchen decor13

It will stay this way until Halloween. Thanks for stopping by.

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