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Spring Easter Craft Night!

Hi friends, today I am sharing pictures of the fun “Spring Easter Craft Night!” that I threw in my home last night. Its always fun when you get a group of girls together, with some refreshments, crafts, stories, swag, and giveaways. I mean could anything be better? what a blast!

We painted and stenciled on some cute bunnies with “cotton tails!” as well as some cute Easter eggs onto some wood blocks. We simply painted our boards then added on the vinyl once the boards were dry. Then we painted over the vinyl and again let it dry, then we peeled off the vinyl.

Then I showed the girls that they could add grass with their sponge brushes and that they could also use a stain to go around the edges or even some paint gently applied around the edges with your sponge brush. Lastly I explained that they could also sand all the edges of their boards. I did a little stain on my egg board and also sanded both of them. It was a ton of fun and I love getting together with friends for some crafting awesomeness.

craft night room4

craft night table

Each girl that came got a fun swag bag (details on items at the bottom of the post).

craft night bunny swag

craft night room

craft night refreshments3

craft night cookies brighter

craft night refreshments2

craft night room3

craft night room2

I found the cute bunny images and the eggs on the Silhouette website. The eggs came with “3” designs.

They were each .50 cents, and then they are yours forever. YAY!

craft night bunny decals

craft night kids

craft night jennie

craft night girls

craft night all girls

Natalie NEVER wins anything she says, and she WON the BIGGEST Canvas Corp. package that I put together.

She was stoked!

craft night  natalie

I had picked out some fun pastel Easter/Spring acrylic paint colors! they were a hit and all used.

craft night spring paints

Here is what we made! these are the blocks that I made. The girls had fun picking out their own colors and making their Easter blocks to their liking.

bunny and egg blocks lighter

bunny block pink

bunny and egg blocks7

The craft night was a success, but only because I has some 

Killer Fantastic Sponsors!

Here they are!

The super smooth and nice  cut wood blocks are from “A Box of Blocks!” Here.

and “In the Swag Bags!”

Delicious Chocolate eggs and Chocolate bunnies from “Sweet Works!” Here.

Also in the swag bags, the canvas boards and colorful clothespins, as well as the giveaways are from

“Canvas Corp.” Here!

Thank you to the sponsors, everyone was tickled with everything.


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