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Simple Spring Porch

Hello there, I am spring fever “happy” to share this “Simple Spring Porch” with you all today. Now I realize some of you still have snow, and for that I am sorry for this post I am sharing today. However, where I am from there is no snow, in fact the weather for the most part has been really nice with a bit of rain here and there and some winds. The day I got the bug to plant flowers and make my porch look more inviting, was a super beautiful day. Funny thing is, when I was all done and ready to take pictures we had some rain, not a lot but it was raining hence the wet grounds and rain drops. Anyway, I bought the wreath from Michael’s I was lucky because it was 50% off- SCORE. I also bought the  black and white cushions, some flowers, soil (all from Walmart), and then shopped my home for the rest. I had fun creating this “Simple Spring Porch!” Its funny once you start something, do you find yourself saying Oh’ I just need to get this one more thing, or Oh’ this would look better with this, or Oh’ you know what would be perfect?… Well’ I could easily spend some more money and buy some yellow patio chair “back” cushions or pillows (i still may) and an outside rug to go under the chairs, but I was trying to keep it “simple” hence the title- wink. So I hope you all like what I have done, and when the time comes that it will inspire you to create a spring porch of your own.

spring porch all3

spring porch wreath

spring porch ladder1

Both the white bucket you see below and the polka dot buckets I lined with “3” layers of press and seal wrap. I was going for cheap and using what I had. However, you can use the obvious glass or clay pots, or even glass bowls or pitchers.

spring porch ladder lighter

spring porch full ladder

spring porch ladder2

spring porch potted flowers

spring porch collumn close

spring porch collumns

spring porch chairs too

spring porch chairs side

spring porch all1

spring porch full all

spring porch2

There you have it. Now I pray I don’t kill any of my flowers, because HONESTLY I am not a green thumb. So off I go to check on them and water them.

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5 thoughts on “Simple Spring Porch

  1. Very welcoming porch! What is the wreath hung by? I have a fairly new wood door with a window at the top. The long wreath hanger thing doesn’t really work. Where did you get the ladder type thing?

    1. Hi Karen I use those command hooks. They stick to your door and then the wreath hangs on the hook. I love them. Jen

  2. I tried to leave a comment already but I guess I forgot to hit the post button. That is a very inviting nicely decorated area. I was wondering what you used to hang the wreath. I have a fairly new wood front door and don’t want to drill into it. The wreath bar that hangs over the top doesn’t work well because of the window and raised parts around it. Also I was wondering where you got the leaning ladder type thing.

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