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Redo Your Bathroom~ Nature Style

Redo Your Bathroom, Nature-Style

You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your bathroom a makeover. This may come as a shock to homeowners used to be gouged in the checkbook for every minor upgrade. The fact is, you can turn your functional, but blah, bathroom into a spa bath with styling that rivals a four-star hotel. Stylish and reasonably priced finds are the key, and smart shoppers can find look-alike versions of high end, designer accessories.

Here are a few tips to redo your bathroom in a nature theme, inexpensively:

Minimize The Clutter For Maximum Eye Appeal

Prepare for your makeover by cleaning everything out of your room. Take it down to the bare walls and cabinets. Starting with a clean slate allows you to look at the bones of the room. You need to view the space with fresh eyes.

Be brutal, and pare down your possessions to the bare necessities. Storage containers such as wicker, rattan or fabric baskets with lids keep countertops and shelves neat and hide bulky items such as blow dryers, bottles and hair care items.

If cabinet space is at a premium, consider rolling towels and display them in large baskets or hampers.

Natural Colors Promote A Peaceful Sanctuary

Choose a natural color palette with shades like ivory, taupe and sage green. Vary the darkness and intensity of the colors, and look for items that add texture, as well as color, to your bathroom. A limited palette is calming. The muted colors are a restful respite from high-contrast, vivid tones that invigorate and excite.

Choose soft, natural-light bulbs to replace harsh incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Candles with candle holders made from natural materials such as wood, stone or earthenware add a charming touch. They also create mood lighting for a relaxed soak.

Indulge Yourself

Now that you have your color palette, invest in a few gloriously rich bath sheets and towels. Bath towels last for so many years; the cost is really quite reasonable. Add a throw rug and bath mat, and you’re all set.

In addition to adding a finishing touch, matching shower curtains and custom vertical blinds will really help tie the room together and can be installed quickly with no tools. You don’t need heavy ruffles or wild prints either. Subtle designs that complement your colors and augment your room–rather than overpower it–will help maintain a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Update Your Hardware

If your door and drawer handles, towel racks and plumbing fixtures are old, consider updating them to the 21st century. Use soft brass, antique bronze, pewter or nickel hardware accessories that blend well with a natural color palette. Although metallic, they retain an organic feel that complements your back-to-nature look with a sophisticated elegance.

Your spa bathroom doesn’t need a lot of cash; it only requires a creative motivation, some diligent paring down, a little paint and some lush accessories. Light an aromatherapy candle, turn on your favorite music and prepare to enter your new nature-themed bathroom that you designed yourself!

Thanks for stopping in today and reading about these great bathroom tips.

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