Vintage Halloween Decor

I wasn’t going to put out any of my Vintage Halloween Decor, but then my little sister came to visit and she encouraged me to put it out. I just feel like its to much, and I don’t like all the extra stuff! (really I was just being extra lazy). However, my kids are really what make me do it. The younger of the four just love it, especially the baby. I have found some of my crows and vintage dolls decorated in different places. I get a kick out of it and then move them back. I do tell the baby “no touch, this is a no no!” but he still plays with them, and its OK’! eventually he will get bored and move on. So that said, I went ahead and decorated my long window shelf and added a few pieces to some end tables. Halloween only comes once, and while I have little ones at home, we are going to enjoy it all. 

So today I am sharing some more of my Halloween Home and showing you all my Vintage Halloween Decor. The cute orange glittered pumpkins I got at Michael’s. I cut them in half and hot glued them to some cute Canvas Corp. burlap plaques, and also hot glued down the white ribbon trim. All the other items I have had for a few years, so the glittered pumpkin plaques are a new addition. 
Vintage Halloween Decor
 The vintage chip board costume kids and the wreath I got from Tai Pan Trading a few years ago. 

 The cute chip board pennant and paper I made two years ago with more Canvas Corp. products. 
Vintage Halloween Decor

Vintage Halloween Decor

Vintage Halloween Decor
Since a lot of people ask about my long shelf, I will explain. I got it on Craigslist like 4 years ago. It wasn’t finished so I painted it the two tone and sanded and roughed it up a bit. It was a steal for $20.00 bucks and it’s just over 7 feet long. I can’t part with it, and I am sure a lot of you are sick of seeing it. Sorry for over sharing it, but its totally staying winks.
Vintage Halloween Decor

I also got the “3” Vintage dolls at Tai Pan Trading a few years ago. 

 The baby loves the little witch crow I added to my Faux Witch Pumpkin I made. 
And this concludes my Vintage Halloween Decor
Thank you for stopping in today. 

Have any of you put up your Halloween yet? Do you have a theme or style you like to decorate in?

Have a fab. day.


  1. I DO love your long shelf on the window! How awesome to have that extra decorating plane

  2. We’re glad you put them up too! We love all vintage Halloween things! <3

  3. Love your decor! And I always love when you show your long shelf! I decorate for fall September 1st (pumpkins and leaves) then I decorate for Halloween October 1st (jack o lanters, crows, spiders, etc), and then November 1st I decorate for Thanksgiving (a lot of the pumpkins and leaves that were used in September with some turkeys and pilgrims added in).

  4. This is just fantastic! I love Halloween decorations just as much as Christmas! I love everything about Halloween! I just wish ‘Trick or treat’ was as popular as it used to be! xxx

  5. Ohhh my goodness. !! I love everything about this!

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