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DIY Re-Vamped Stenciled Bar Stools

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Hello There, today I am sharing my DIY Re-Vamped Stenciled Bar Stools.  

An awesome friend on FB announced that she was getting rid of some bar stools and the first person to comment could have them. WHAT? I was online at the right time! so I responded right away, and made plans to pick them up the next day with my hublet. So after the hubby and I got home with the bar stools and I made him and I a diet coke… HA! we headed out to the garage to work a bit on them. My hubs salvaged one of the bar stools because out of the six, two were broken. So he took one of the broken bar stools apart, and he used the pieces to fix the other broken one. 

While he repaired one, I scrubbed down the others with some hot soapy water. After they were dry I plugged in my hubs electric sander (I love that thing!) and sanded the tops of them. I wanted them to look a bit worn on top from people sitting on them you know. Once I sanded all of them and dusted them off, I took them all inside. Next I took some “Old English” Dark Stain, and with a paper towel poured a little stain onto the paper towel and then wiped the stain over the sanded areas. Its super easy to do this and makes a nice difference. Any of the excess stain I didn’t want, I gently wiped off with a damp rag. I continued to stain the tops of each bar stool. 

For my last step, I moved onto stenciling them. I used a nice Martha Stewart Scrolly like stencil. Its from her number”11″ design stencil pack. Then with a nice flat stencil brush, some black paint, and a paper towel (for blotting) I stenciled the design onto each bar stool, and let them dry. Below are some pictures after I cleaned and sanded the tops. Its amazing how just a little face lift/ re-vamp makes all the difference. 
DIY Stenciled Bar Stools
DIY Stenciled Bar Stools
DIY Stenciled Bar Stools
DIY Stenciled Bar Stools
Its been a lot of fun being an Apartments .com Blog Ambassador and I have enjoyed doing a project/post each month for them. Bar stools are great in any apartment, small space, or home. Most apartments have bars that sit 2 even 4 people. Plus the bar stools act as more seating when entertaining guests.
The Renter Resources is a great source of information. You can get info. on apartment friendly DIY projects, decoration, entertaining, living on a budget, food & recipes. I encourage you all to check it out. 
Thanks a bunch for stopping by COM today. 

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